Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro and Lightroom

First of all please excuse my English. 

So I have made my mind and bought myself the Samsung Ativ Smart PC Pro. The main reasons I bought it were: 

  • Windows 8 (Pro) that will allow me to run Lightroom on it
  • Pen - simply, if I should have some tablet, it should have a pen, so that I can make notes by hand
  • Enough processor power to run Lightroom and be able to work with it.

The perfect choice would be Thinkpad Helix, but it is way too expensive for me. So I went for Ativ.

My usual usage scenario is - do the photos of people skiing in back county all day and work with photos in the evening. At least that is what I have been doing all the last week.

Roman Heczko - - Hochfügen 2013

So after the one week of usage I have to say: 

  • It is perfectly usable for working with photos. Though, do not expect the same speed as on your home machine. Ativ Smart PC Pro has only 4 GB of shared memory so the work in LR is not absolutely smooth all the time. But mostly it is without problems.
  • The display is gorgeous - photos look outstending on it.
  • LR is not ideally optimized for display with HiDPI - or at least I did not foud the way how to run it in this mode. So some controls are very small on the display (for example cropping with pen or hand is a bit awqward). So it needs some getting used to - but after one week of work, I had no problems with it.
  • You can set-up, the slate so that it uses maximum processor power when connected to power socket - I found it very usefull. Usually, I connected it to the socket, "developped" all the photos and than disconnected it to do all the other stuff. But even with power socket disconnected it was absolutely OK to work in LR. I think that I have worked with LR for about 2 hours on the battery and after this two hours it still had over one and a half hour of batery power. And since than I was already done with photos, so I was able to use the thing for another 2 or more hours for things like surfing the web etc…
  • Battery was not an issue - I had never run out of battery power. But I think it is too soon to judge.
  • I had no problems with disconnecting of keyboard dock while working on it (as some other reviews has stated)
  • I love the pen - I do my notes with it - I got the best results with OneNote. I would not buy tablet without the pen.
  • The thing is heavy. As some other reviewers have mentioned - it is nothing you would like to hold in one hand for a long time. Mostly I had it laying on my lap or table (even without the keyboard dock it is heavy). But so far it was no issue for me.
  • About the heaviness - it is display heavy - so when you work with it as with notebook on your lap, it tends to fall over to the back a bit. But for example - this whole article is being written while sitting in the car, with Ativ Smart PC Pro docked in keyboard dock, laying on my lap - and it is comfortable for me. Originally I wanted to buy Surface Pro, but with it I would not be probably able to write the article now. 
  • But when you have it laying on the table - the weight is not a problem.
  • After installing the LR and some other stuff (Visual Studio Express), I have 54 GB free (I have 128 GB version) - so far it is enough. Maybe I will buy an MicroSD card in the future - but I do not need it now - so I will wait untill the prices drop.
  • Touchpad is not very comfortable - the reactions are not very good, so I prefer to use pen or hands.
Hochfügen 2013

So these are my first thoughts about my new toy. Feel free to ask me in the comments, shal you have any questions.

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