Carry Speed Strap

Crumpeteer | Opinions | Published Jul 24, 2012

This review relates to their recent model which has a 'Ball Head Nut' which slips into a cup like socket which in turn screws down over the ball to make a connection which swivels and is very secure. I say secure, and it would be if the head of the Ball Head Nut is machine & finished properly.

The strap is very comfortable albeit a couple of inches too short for my liking. I believe their manufacturing facility is in China. Anyway, this is where they ship from.

I bought the strap and then decided that I wanted another Ball Head Nut to leave permanently attached to another lens. This arrived very quickly but was flawed by way of not being machined properly. I informed the people at Carry Speed and sent them a photo of the defective item to which they replied...."nothing is perfect in this world" That was the saddest indictment of their business philosophy. I could not & would not trust my very expensive camera gear hanging on a faulty part. After all the one I received within my initial order was OK. After several emails back & forth they unilaterally decided to refund me the $20 USD. I never asked for a refund, I just wanted a replacement Ball Head Nut. I also wanted another buckle but was told they don't sell them separately; however some of their promotion videos show the buckle fitted in the position I required.

I am a professional freelance photographer living in the UK, a fact that I informed Carry Speed of. I also informed them that I had already been approached by several photographers wanting to know where I had purchased it. In addition, I also informed them that I would be at this year’s Olympic Games and that it would have been a very good place for me to showcase their new strap. I just don't have any faith in a company who has no or little interest in seizing a golden opportunity to promote their latest product. I can’t see that they will be in business for too long if they continue with this ambivalent attitude. What happens if I want a replacement part again? Will they send me something else that is defective and tell me yet again…”nothing is perfect in this world” I’ve lost faith in Carry Speed and will be buying Black Rapid from now on. This company has little or no interest once the sale has been made.