Raw files gone wrong?

Hi all, first i would like to say hello and help, I recently bought a canon 60D and everything was fine until the other day when i got my pics onto the pc the raw files went like the pic added and i have tried different cards/pc/card readers/software but still the same? now the wierd thing is my tutor on my tog course tried them in his mac and they were fine?

please help i am going insane and out of ideas:(


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By bnilesh (Feb 20, 2013)

That's really sad & I know how frustrating that is because I have gone through similar problem 3 months back. I will like you to go through following steps:

1. Check importing your images on another computer/laptop. Safe transfer will ensure you that problem is with your computer otherwise you may need to debug with camera & it's accessories.

2. I was having problem with my computer. May be a weak power supply not able to handle added hard drives & problematic capacitors on motherboard. I have gone for new machine but you check out for hard drives health, power supply etc.

Don't connect any backup drives because it may corrupt the images on it too.

Hope this helps.

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