Introducing the mighty Lumix DMC-GF3

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I 've up loaded a review about Lumix-G3 and showed the strength of panasonic' camera.
In this review, I will let you know about all the charm that Lumix-GF3 has.

First, let's take a look at Lumix-GF3

 GF3 is the most small and light weighted among lense exchangable Hybrid cameras. It's weight is only 222g. Being about the size of a smartphone, the lightweight GF3 benefits from a significant reduction in its dimensions. This is thanks to its newly enhanced mirror-free technology, and the substantial DSLR sensors that are now more compatible with the camera's compact Micro Four Thirds System lenses. This means that you have more creative control over your photos and videos, without the hassle of carrying around a bulky camera and lens kit  Also, the GF3 is the first digital interchangeable lens camera to offer 3D photo capability, delivering high quality images with impressive clarity and dynamic detail. The optional LUMIX G 12.5mm / F12 3D lens is compact yet powerful, allowing for easier handling and instant 3D shooting with optimized settings.
 The DMC-GF3 has a generous 3.0-inch LCD display screen with a 100% field of view and an impressive 460,000-dot high-resolution output. The wide-angle viewing makes it possible to frame photos in a variety of creative ways for both dynamic shooting and image playback and editing. The screen has been equipped with LUMIX's acclaimed Intelligent LCD technology, which automatically adjusts screen brightness in 11 steps according to ambient conditions. The large viewing area of the screen also makes sharing images with friends and family much easier.  For experienced photographers who like the greater creative control of self-determined settings, the GF3 offers easy manual controls for exposure, shutter speed and aperture. The meter guides provide a highly readable visual reference that shows correlations between aperture and shutter speed, and color-coded warnings that clearly alert users when settings are out of proper range. These user-friendly manual controls dramatically reduce the learning curve for users that are new to system camera technology. They also simplify the process for more experienced users
 The GF3 has the world's fastest auto focus technology, Light Speed AF. This reduces focus detection time by doubling the drive speed, from 60 frames per second to an impressive 120 frames per second. Speed and focusing accuracy of the advanced contrast AF system on the DMC-GF3 far surpasses even the most high-end digital SLR cameras with phase-difference auto focus. Light Speed AF, when combined with the GF3's touch-control AF, makes setting and focusing on a subject quick and easy, so spur-of-the-moment shots are always optimized.  If you think using a digital SLR camera is too complicated for everyday photos and video, think again. The GF3 incorporates Panasonic's exclusive Intelligent Auto (iA) Plus technology; recording amazing photos and movies is as easy as using a compact point-and-shoot camera. In iA Plus Mode, shooting is fully and automatically optimized in any situation; you get incredible image quality with virtually zero effort.
 The GF3 is compatible with the full range of Micro Four Thirds System standard lenses, including the LUMIX G / Leica DG line-up. LUMIX G / Leica DG lenses feature many of Panasonic's most innovative features, including telephoto and 3D capabilities. The compact, lightweight LUMIX / Leica lenses also support the unique contrast AF system of the LUMIX G series cameras and comply with the Micro Four Thirds System, designed to optimize the performance of the camera.  All LUMIX G Series Micro System cameras are equipped with the popular My Color Mode, which lets you choose from five different color treatments to create interesting effects on any photograph. Options include; Expressive, Sepia, High Dynamic, Retro, High Key and the Miniature Effect. You'll be able to give your photos impressive, artistic finishes instantly without compromising the original image.

And these are the photos we took with Lumix-GF3

This is one of the pictures we took for a fashion magazine. Isn't it cool? The care passing by at the back was captured just in time.
 These photos are the pics we took for a fashion community.The location is Yeuido, which is like the wallstreet of Korea : )  
 This is the enterance of Korea's National centural museum.  Even in the dark night, using GF3 we took this amazing picture.
 This is the ceilling of the building's inner side  Stairs from outside.
 and a special exhibition buildingthe design of this building is beautiful. Isn't it?  This are the pictures from "Seoul Lantern Festival 2011"This photo is under a bridge with illuminations below sidewalks.
 This piece's name is "The Swan Lake"Swan-figured lanterns were so beautiful  This one's name is dolphines.

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HUG! uggly..! i will keep with my dslr, more confortable to grabe it, like uh... you know, to have the brest of a women on my hands..!

By satyam (Mar 26, 2012)

Amazing.I like the way the camera looks.And for the image production quality ,its ok !

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