Samsung NX10 firmware update news

I contacted Samsung support because of the problem with updating the firmware.
my nx10 bought last week has 1.05 so I was a bit miffed that it is impossible at the moment to update the camera.

Here is samsung's reply:
Thank you for contacting Samsung.
You are correct in saying that you must upgrade the previous versions
first before you can get to 1.30-the upgrades are incremental. Our
Digital Imaging team are aware that the previous versions are not
available at present and are working with our IT team to have them added
quickly-your patience is greatly appreciated in this matter.
If you require any further assistance, please contact Samsung again and
we will be more than happy to help.

hope this helps anyone wasting their time and youth trying to update to 1.30 !


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pete t
By pete t (Mar 25, 2012)

Hi everyone i am at the age where i am not that good on a computer & i purchased the Samsung NX10 16months ago & the 18-55mm lense & 50-200mm lense without i Function i have not done any upgrades to the camera at all but last week I purchased to 20-43 mm pancake lense with I Function & have tried to upgrade the lense but I am having so much trouble & I don't want to damage this great little camera.I have been trying to find a video with step by step instructions can anybody help me please as that would be very much appreciated

Clive Hicks
By Clive Hicks (Oct 8, 2011)

I have all the upgrades if you want i can e mail to you, let me know,

Total comments: 2