can a macro lens be used as portrait photography too?

I am planning to buy my next lens, and I am tryng to figure out between 50 mm 1.2/1.4 or a macro lens. I am not sure if a macro lens can be used for portrait too. please give some of your opinions. I like to shoot portraits and macros too. I use 70-200 f2.8, but im feling that I need a better lens for this shot. But I also like portraits. Do I need to buy both or can I settle for macros for a while? thank you for sharing your opinion.

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Jules Design
By Jules Design (8 months ago)

I like my 105 macro for portraits. If I need more bokeh I use less strobe power... I prefer sharp detail and low chromatic abr; so do my customers. 105mm will also flatten out the subject more than a 50mm. I think anything from 70 to 200 mm is great for Portraits

By bravozulu (Jun 6, 2012)

In the Nikon SLR Lens forum I asked the same question about my new 60mm f2.8 Nikkor Micro ED G. (Micro is Nikon-speak for Macro).

Nikon makes 2 60mm Micro lenses. This more expensive version boasts some trick glass (ED) for low Chromatic Aberration, and special Nano coating.

The answers I got fell into two camps. Everyone knew about the 60mm ED G lens. Half the folks said it was the best. Another half said, while the lens is great, the Bokeh is a bit too sharp and defined. And they didn't appreciate the contrast that came with it.

So, it was a sparring match between those who favor soft and fuzzy with portraits. And those who like revealing detail and skin contours that pop. Consequently, I'm using it for portraits. I feel I can adjust the feel of images through creative lighting, such as softboxes and beauty dishes and such.
If you want to judge for yourself, take a look at the Nikon DS3 Camera brochure. All the photos were shot with my lens. Including a bunch of portraits.

Total comments: 2