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Our team "P.s, I love you" is consisted of the students from Ehwa Womem's University, S.Korea.

We are now participating in a marketing contest exhibition and it is about using Panasonic's products my self and uploading some reviews. This is one of our product - Lumix DMC-G3

It is small and compact, but has everything

These are some pics of G3 taken by Lumix DMC-GF3

See it for yourself!!!

P.s, I love you 's Anatomy _ Lumix DMC-G3

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The centerpiece of Panasonic product's reviews!! We present with altmost proud, the subminiature, ultralight lens exchangable digital camera; LUMIX DMC-G3. The introduction might have sounded a little bit grandiose, but you will find out it's nothing like that. G3 is worthy of the name "the innovation of hybrid camera" Find out if it's true for yourself !!
LUMIX-G3 is the most small, light of all the lens exchangable digital cameras with Electronic View Finder. Two different colours - black and white - are present. With these amazing features including easy-to-carry, you can enjoy photos with high resolution anywhere, anytime. Also, its neat design and fine grip will let you have a refined look even when taking photos. LUMIX-G3 is also noteworthy for it's outstanding compatibility with other lenses. This product can be used with it's own LUMIX-G3 lens, but also other micro four third lenses. Of course you can shoot 3D images by using seperate micro four third 3D lens.
Although the size is minimal, the upper part of G3 has power button, iA mode button, shooting mode changing wheel, a built-in microphone and a flashlight. It is small, but do never underestimate the little man.
With this little pretty LUMIX-G3, it would be a shame to shoot other people but not yourself. However..... where should I look when taking my own picture? No matter how high the performance is, if it's unable to check my face when shooting myself, a cell-phone camera would be better. Hmm... it seems there's nothing special. In that clean, pure and white look, a secret is hidden.
Ta-da !! where did that LCD come from?
Now is the time to reveal the secret of that LCD. LUMIX-G3 provides a multi-angle LCD which can rotate up to 270 degrees in vertical, 180 degrees in horizontal.
Also, this LCD is a touch-screen, so you can check the pictures taken just by touching the screen. At the point where touch screen is used at mp3 player, smart phone even at galleries, the fact that Panasonic is out of this trend is out of question.
Are you attrated to this spectacular camer? This is not the end. You've only had the appetizer. You can find out about even more fabulous fucntions of LUMIX-G3 including iA mode, changable shooting modes, drive shooting mode, video shooting and so on at "" So stay tuned!!

These photos are taken by Lumix DMC-GF3

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By Pete_Mac (Jan 17, 2012)

Go girls ! Looks like you are having lots of fun. There are lots of Korean students here doing fruit picking. I sold a car to one group who are traveling around Australia. They were very happy. I gave them a good deal (cheap price).
PS. I think Sony is taking the lead with the NEX7.

By smithling (Dec 22, 2011)

You need to edit some spelling and grammatical errors.

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