Speed booster technical support should have to be more efficient


I was very interested in Metabones Speed Booster capabilities.

I wanted to buy one for a NEX 7 body with Leica R lenses.

I read specifications before ordering.

I could see that :

"The following lenses require modification in order to fit on the Speed Booster.

Super-Elmar-R 15mm
Elmarit R 28/2.8
Elmarit R 35/2.8
Summicron R 50/2"

I wanted to use it with Leica R Summicron 2/35 and 1:4 35 70 zoom

Having a doubt I asked Metabones if any modification was required for my lenses.

(Link Ask a question about his product on Metabones Page)

I got no answer.

As I could not see my lenses in the above list, I ordered a Speed Booster.

I received it today : I cannot focus beyond 2 meters !

I do not know what to do to fix that !

I am disappointed and angry.

Nice day to every body.

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By cyberstudio (Apr 23, 2013)

Did you mean you are unable to focus to infinity? If so, these infinity adjustment instructions on the Metabones web site may help. http://www.metabones.com/smart-adapter-operation-manual/155-infinity-adjustment-speed-booster-only

By JeanPierreC (Apr 25, 2013)

Yes I read that but I could not do it : The summicron F2/35 could not enter correctly in the adapter. There is a part -at the back of the lens- to protect it when we put it on a table wo cap.
Also, I wanted to use other lenses with this speed booster.
Leitax gave me the solution : file this part.

Total comments: 2