The all new Nikon 32 mm F1.2 for the Nikon 1 system

In the last time I suspected that the Nikon 1 system manager , should be a child or grandchild of one of the original designers of the Nikon rangefinder of '50s.

Or is it a learned person who knows the history of his company.

And, certainly, has greater freedom  than his colleagues of system FX.

My "old" Nikon V1, the brand new 32 mm F1.2 with his hood and front cap and the Nikon 18.5/1.8
The Nikon V1 with 32/1.2 mm and the old Meyer-Optick Trioplan 100/2.8
The old '50s Nikon S2 with his Nippon Kogaku 8.5 cm F2. All in chromed metal !

Look, it is not built of plastic like his brothersin the 35 mm format. It's not even light alloy of self-igniting magnesium and antimony like Nikon 24-70/2.8 or 600/4G.

No, it is , as in the 50' and 60', made of extruded aluminum, polished and brushed for a feeling slightly rough to the touch.

The manual focus ring (yes, there is also one on this jewel) is machined from solid aluminum, and the exterior is engraved with precision, so as to remember the crown of an IWC watch. Its operation is flawless, like his endless rotation.

The diaphragm is silent and flawless.

Only flaw the hood, genuine "chinese" plastic, unnecessarily huge because the front lens, although a large diameter in proportion to the other Nikon 1 lens, it is well received and does not take the side light.

But luckily it meet standard filters (like once!) 52 mm diameters, allows you to use all the accessories of the old AI-AIs, AF. like one metal lens hood (I replaced the plastic one with the Nikon HN-2).

With Nikon HN-2
 the rear cap
Nikon 32/1.2 and Nikon 18.5/1.8
Again, 32/1.2, 18.5 and front caps