Please help me choose my next affordable fulll frame

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I am a professional photographer dedicated to Headshots ( Modern Portrait Photography), its time to hang my 5D and purchase a new camera.  I have three considerations and am looking for your feedback and help to determine my next direction. My considerations are the Canon 6D, Nikon D600 and Sony SLT-A99.  I seem to love all three and found some personal advantages and disadvantages for all three, here are my thoughts but am looking forward to your input;

 Headshot Photographer wanting new gear, Canon 6D, Sony A99 or Nikon D600

Canon 6 D,


I already own a Canon and have lenses for the Camera.

ISO to 25,600 with expansion ( I am not sure exactly what that means... Hopefully somebody can explain what expansion means?) to a crazy 102,400 ISO.  I am excited to test this ability - WOW.

Time Lapse Recording - needs a computer.


Video records in mono and does not allow stereo  microphone ( I really don't understand, why?)

I have never really liked the ergonometric feel of a canon and miss the Nikon's feel and touch.

Don't like the Canon's menus.

Nikon D600


I am looking forward to going back to Nikon - I ditched my nikon when I switched from film to digital.

Ergonomic feel and screen menus are great

It was highly reviewed in DPREVIEW ( I would like to know what are the other advantages over my two contenders).

Best Time Lapse recording features of the three


ISO is to 64,000 with boost to 25,600 ( Anybody know the difference between boost and expansion?  Why are they classified as so? )

Video does not allow for stero



Sony is a late player battling to be noticed and will offer more features.

Its the flag ship camera with the same senson as much more expensive Nikon's ( somebody confirm this rumor?)

Outstanding video capabilities with auto focusing.  One must take Sony technology seriously as they have been a leader in technology for video capture.

Genuine description of ISO abilities, does not have an expansion or boost feature which I find misleading?


$700 to $800 more expensive than the Nikon and Canon version.

No time lapse feature

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The following are samples of my work.

Headshots of Kevin photographed in my portrait studio Modelling headshot captured during a session.
Actor's Headshot of Michelle outside my home studio. DA of top talent a corporate headshot photographed in my home studio

Extra Notes,

Would anybody care to explain what this ISO expansion means?

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By djourisman (Mar 16, 2013)

Since affordable is a criterion, why purchase a bunch of new lenses when you've already got what you need for the Canon 6D?

Bora Cyprus
By Bora Cyprus (Dec 31, 2012)

Since you are mostly doing it in studio (face shot) with lots of artificial lights (flash, screens) available, you won't need high ISO desperately. And if it is the case, any modern full frame will work. You said you have canon lenses already, so why switch to Nikon ? If you have such amount of money then buy 5D mk 3 or even 1DX instead. No one can beat 1DX in any situation.

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By gooseta (Dec 1, 2012)

ISO expansion is basically the full ISO range, there is a decreased one so you spend less time in the iso menu, because people rarely use ISO 50 except if you shoot landscape, or 25600+. Just a note, anything above ISO 25600 on any ff will look mushier than porridge. Also, it would be alot easier for you if you posted in the forums, the sony. canon, and nikon ones and see what people say, it also depends on what lenses you have. I personally recommend the A99, but I shoot a PEntax K5iis so I don't really know too much about ff.

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