January 7
Samsung S850
CES 2007: The second new S series camera from Samsung announced today is the S850, which - as the name implies - is an 8MP / 5x zoom model. As well as lots of exposure modes (including A, S and M) and a 2.5-inch screen the S850 sports face recognition technology and, once again, 'Advanced Shake Reduction' that features neither a moving lens element nor a shifting CCD...
Samsung S630 and S730
CES 2007: Bringing up the rear of the S series launch are the twin S630 and S730 models featuring 6 and 7MP sensors, respectively, and 3x optical zoom lenses. Both cameras also sport 2.5-inch screens, MPEG-4 movie capture and a range of subject / scene mode. And yes, the same 'ASR' system as all the others...
Samsung L73
CES 2007: The fifth new camera from Samsung today is the slim 7MP. 3x zoom model with a decent range of features - including face recognition technology, the Smart Touch interface, MPEG-4 movies, motion-triggered self-timer and a plethora of scene modes. The L73 will be available in black or silver.
Samsung L700
CES 2007: Just in case you felt the range of cameras announced by Samsung today didn't offer you enough choice here's the L700, another 7MP, 3x zoom model with MPEG-4 movies, ISO 1600 and that 'no moving parts' ASR 'stabilization' system (aka high ISO mode).
Samsung i70
CES 2007: Last but by no means least in Samsung's big launch today is the innovatively designed i70, the latest incarnation of the company's camera / media player combos. The i70 features a cute phone-like sliding cover, 7MP sensor, 3x zoom and multimedia capabilities.
Kodak Easyshare V803, V1003 and C653
CES 2007: Kodak has today announced three new digital cameras; the eight and ten megapixel V803 and V1003 and the entry-level six megapixel C653. The stylish rounded V803 and V1003 both feature a three itmes optical zoom lens, high sensitivity ISO 1600, 32 MB of internal storage, VGA (640 x 480) MPEG-4 video clips at 30 fps and Lithium-Ion batteries. We'll dock Kodak ten points for describing a high ISO mode as 'Digital Image Stabilization'.
Kodak Wi-Fi Picture Frames
CES 2007: Kodak has today announced four new digital (LCD) picture frames; a 10 and 8 inch with built-in Wi-Fi (EX1011 and EX811) and an 8 and 7 inch standard (SV811 and SV710). These picture frames are all capable of displaying JPEG images as well as video in MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MOV and AVI formats as well as playing MP3 music files. The Wi-Fi functionality in the EX1011 and EX811 models allows you to either display images from your local network or from an online 'Kodak Gallery'. All should be available in March at prices ranging from $280 for the EX1011 to $130 for the SV710.
January 5
Here at dpreview we're always pleased to see new technological innovations which lead to genuine improvements. However one thing which has become annoying is the increasing use of the label 'Image Stabilization' or 'Anti-Shake' to describe nothing more than a (noisy) high sensitivity mode. In our product database we only give a 'yes' flag to those cameras which implement image stabilization in the true sense, as either stabilization of a lens element or of the sensor itself (on a shifting platform) which allow you to take a blur free shot at slower shutter speeds. Some manufacturers prefix with 'Digital', however to the average consumer this isn't enough to correct what is a misleading and confusing description.
January 4
Fujifilm FinePix IS-1, IR sensitive
Pre-CES 2007: In addition to the three typical consumer cameras Fujifilm has also announced a specialized infrared sensitive version of the SLR-like S9100. The new IS-1 joins the quietly introduced S3 Pro UVIR in providing additional sensitivity to the infrared spectrum, used mostly for law enforcement and specialized scientific applications. Additionally you can purchase an add-on hot mirror filter to block IR light and produce results similar to a normal digital camera. Just like the S9100 the IS-1 has a 10.7x optical zoom lens and nine megapixel Super CCD sensor. The IS-1 will be available in February for around $900.
Fujifilm FinePix F40fd
Pre-CES 2007: Fujifilm has announced a new addition to the growing FinePix 'F' range. The F40fd offers an increased pixel count (8.3 MP) and (perhaps because of this) a slightly lower ISO 2000 maximum sensitivity, and Fuji's new Face Detection system. Interestingly the F40fd has dual memory card slots (xD and SD), but lacks the F30's Aperture/Shutter priority modes.
Fujifilm FinePix A610 & A800
Pre-CES 2007: Fujifilm has also announced a couple of additions to its entry-level 'A' series range. The A610 and A800 (6.3MP and 8.3MP respectively) are notable mainly for being the first A series cameras to sport Super CCD HR sensors and Real Photo processors. Like the F40fd (see above) both cameras have dual media slots (for xD and SD cards). Is this the beginning of the end for xD-Picture card?
January 3
Canon issues safety notice for Powershot A530 & A540 users
Canon has issued a safety notice to owners of its Powershot A530 and A540 cameras. Certain examples of these models appear to have a design fault involving the metal spring on the door of their battery compartment allowing it to cause a short circuit which may lead to reduced battery life and the possibility of overheating.
Pentax Optio E30
Pre-CES 2007: Just three days in to 2007 and Pentax becomes the first company to announce a new digital camera. The Optio E30 is a body re-design and feature upgrade to Pentax's affordable (low end) E series digital cameras, it features a seven megapixel CCD sensor, three times optical zoom lens, 11 MB of built-in flash storage and movie clips at 640x480 resolution. The E30 should retail for around US$150 and will be available in February.
December 25
Merry Christmas, eight years on
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our readers, sponsors, supporters, fellow webmasters and of course, the manufacturers. On December 25th 1998 the very first version of 'dpreview' appeared on the web and eight years on we're going on stronger than ever and look forward to bringing you many more years of quality content and the very best in digital cameras and digital photography.
December 21
Hoya and Pentax to merge
Hoya, a very familiar name in the photographic industry (not least because they supply lens blanks to many manufacaturers) and Pentax have jointly today announced their intention to merge and become Hoya Pentax HD Corporation (actually Hoya are 'merging' Pentax into their business). This merger is due to be completed by October 1, 2007. Once complete Fumio Urano (current PENTAX President & CEO) will become Chairman of the Board and Hiroshi Suzuki (current HOYA President and CEO) will become President & CEO. The major conclusions in this announcement are that the Pentax name will remain, that Pentax's optical business will merge with Hoya's but that Pentax's current imaging systems division (that which is responsible for digital cameras) will continue.
December 20
Just posted! Nikon D40 review
Just posted! Our detailed in-depth review of Nikon's new entry level digital SLR, the D40. Announced just about three weeks ago the D40 generated a lot of interest, it's the smallest and lightest Nikon digital SLR not to say also the most affordable. It may not have as wider feature set as its bigger brother the D80 but then also isn't aimed at the same audience. See how the D40 shaped up and how it compared in our review.
Pentax issues new firmware for six DSLRs
Clearly today is SDHC firmware update day, Pentax has also introduced new firmware for the *ist DS (ver 2.02), *ist DL (ver 1.03), *ist DS2 (ver 1.02), *ist DL (ver 1.02), K100D (ver 1.02) and K110D (ver 1.02). All of these updates simply "improve SDHC support" over previous versions. Currently the new firmware is only available on the Pentax Japan website, we would recommend waiting until the firmware becomes available in your region before attempting to update.
Canon issues new firmware for three DSLRs
Canon has today issued new firmware for the EOS-1D Mark II (ver 1.2.6), EOS-1D Mark II N (ver 1.1.2) and EOS-1Ds Mark II (ver 1.1.6). These updates deliver the same improvements to all cameras, support for SDHC cards of 4 GB and more as well as correcting the detected capacity of Compact Flash cards of 12 GB and more. These updates can be installed by the user by simply loading the update file onto a storage card and selecting the firmware update option from the camera menu.
December 19
Just Posted! Canon PowerShot A640 Review
Just Posted! Our Review of the Canon PowerShot A640 - 10MP successor to the popular A620. Aside from an increase in resolution and a larger screen, it's a fairly minor upgrade to what was already a very capable camera offering a full range of photographic features and a useful 4x optical zoom. Find out what we thought of the new A series flagship after the link...
December 16
Peter iNova's Nikon D80 eBook
Peter iNova, author of several popular model-specific eBook's has just released his new Nikon D80 eBook, a must-buy for any Nikon D80 owner (or potential owner). As iNova says, "Encounter every feature, every button, every menu, every quirk, every secret opportunity hidden away inside your D80. And there are plenty of them. Here you experience each interaction as a means to an end." (Also includes RAW materials by Uwe Steinmueller).
December 15
Just posted! Pentax K10D review
Just posted! Twelve days after our Pentax K100D review we have a detailed review of its bigger brother, the ten megapixel K10D. Announced just before Photokina this year the K10D garnered a lot of interest from a wide audience as a serious alternative to the 'obvious choice' of Canon or Nikon digital SLR's. The K10D brings a lot of new features to the table as well as Pentax's in-camera Shake Reduction and dust/weather seals. For just under $1000 it's pretty clear Pentax intend to make a big splash with this camera. See how it shaped up and how it compares in our review.
December 14
Adobe Photoshop CS3 Beta
As expected Adobe has today announced that a Beta version of Photoshop CS3 will be available for download tomorrow (15th December). To use CS3 you will need a valid CS2, Creative Suite 2, Creative Suite Production Studio, Design Bundle, Web Bundle or Video Bundle serial number. Without a serial number this Beta of CS3 will expire in just two days. As well as a range of improvements and user interface changes the biggest news with CS3 is Universal Binary support for Mac OS X, providing much performance relief to Mac Intel owners.
Leica Sinar buy-out stopped
At Photokina earlier this year Leica made a surprise announcement that they had purchased the controlling share (51%) in Sinar from Jenoptik. In a rather strange twist to this story Jenoptik has today announced that it is now rescinding the sale of the shares to Leica and that they will maintain the controlling share of the company. The press release issued states that this will not affect the working relationship between Leica and Jenoptik, the later of whom were responsible for some of the image processing for the new M8 digital rangefinder.
December 13
Just Posted! Canon A710IS Review
Just Posted! Our Concise Review of the Canon PowerShot A710 IS, successor to the A700. Aside from a design facelift and a few feature tweaks the biggest - and most welcome - change is that the new model adds optical image stabilization, something we bemoaned the lack of on the A700. There's also an extra million pixels and the usual A series mix of manual and automatic features. Find out what we thought after the link...
December 11
Sony Memory Stick Pro-HG, up to 32 GB
SanDisk and Sony have today announced the development of the new 'Pro-HG' Memory Stick format which is designed to deliver faster continuous write speeds (up to 60 MB/sec) and larger capacities. This new format appears to be aimed more at future flash based video recorders. It would appear as though this new format will only be available in the 'Duo' size.
December 7
Sigma postpone SD14 until March 2007
Sigma has today announced the postponement of the SD14 digital SLR which was initially due to ship in November, this was later put back to December. The new date of availability for the SD14 is March 2007, this due to "one issue that occurred occasionally and only under certain circumstances." Sigma go on to say that, "Initially, we felt that this could be solved with a programming or processing solution. However, after careful investigation and many attempts at a solution, we have come to the conclusion that we need to make a hardware change to fix this issue completely."
Fujifilm FinePix S5 Pro update
Fujifilm has released a new specification sheet for the S5 PRO - officially announced at Photokina back in September - that firms up on a few key areas (such as buffer capacity for continuous shooting) and adds a few new details.
December 6
Just Posted! Fujifilm S6000fd review
Just Posted! Our Review of the Fujifilm FinePix S6000fd (also known as the S6500fd). The S6000fd has several key features of interest; top of the list being the 6.3MP, 1/1.7" Super CCD sensor used to wide acclaim in the F30 and F31fd and offering 'full resolution' shooting at up to ISO 3200. It also has a new hardware based face detection system and a useful 28-300mm zoom range. But is it any good? Find out after the link...
December 3
Just posted! Pentax K100D review
Just posted! Our in-depth review of the Pentax K100D (and K110D if you ignore the Shake Reduction test). The K100D is the latest in line of Pentax compact digital SLR's which started with the *ist DS (the *ist D being larger and more semi-pro targeted). The K100D comes to the table with in-camera Shake Reduction, a six megapixel CCD, improved image processing, a Penta-mirror viewfinder and a wide range of manual controls. See how the K100D performed and how it shapes up to the competition.
December 1
Japanese digital camera shipments up 24%
CIPA, the Japanese Camera & Imaging Products Association is made up of all major Japanese camera manufacturers including Canon, Casio, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Ricoh, Sigma and Sony. Every month they publish statistics on the production an export of digital cameras, film cameras and photo printers. As we head towards the end of the year we thought it would be interesting to look at the Shipment figures for the first three quarters of this year and how they compare to the same period last year.
Ricoh First Anniversary GR Digital
Ricoh has produced a special edition of its GR Digital commemorating the 1st year of the camera and the 10th anniversary of the GR series. Designed by renowned Japanese illustrator Katsuya Terada, this special edition is limited to only 1000 units.
November 24
Leica announce fixes for M8
The introduction of Leica's first digital M series hasn't gone quite as smoothly as they will have hoped, before the camera even reached owners some reviewers spotted some issues with the imaging side of the camera (Banding, Mirror/Ghost effect and IR sensitivity). Leica issued a statement two weeks ago that they were aware and were working on a solution. Today they have announced the 'action plan', firstly that the Banding and Mirror/Ghost images issue can be rectified by returning your camera to LEICA for repair (and that all new M8's leaving Solms will not suffer from this problem). Secondly the solution for 'above average' IR sensitivity are IR filters which attach to the front of the lens, Leica will be offering two free filters to all M8 owners.
Sony discovers defect in some models
Sony Corp has today announced that it has discovered a defect in eight of its Cyber-shot models. The cameras affected were sold between September 2003 and January 2005, they are the DSC-F88, DSC-M1, DSC-T1, DSC-T11, DSC-T3, DSC-T33, DSC-U40 and DSC-U50. The problem is said to be related to the use of these cameras in hot and/or humid environments and can lead to a loss of image on the LCD (we assume this vague description to mean that live view fails due to overheating of the CCD). Sony has said it will repair any camera (of the above) which show signs of this problem.
November 21
Toshiba announce 8GB SDHC memory
Toshiba has announced the introduction of the first 8GB SDHC Memory Card which it says will be available early in the new year. The new cards will be capable of a write speed in excess of 4MB per second up to 6MB per second and useable with all devices compatible with the SDHC specification. With some compact cameras now topping 10 Megapixels and entry-level DSLRs increasingly using SD format, the arrival of higher capacity cards is sure to be welcomed by many.
Ricoh GR Digital Firmware update
Ricoh has released an updated V2.20 firmware for it's GR Digital camera, bringing changes to the file storage and exposure bracketing options available. There is now a choice of JPEG sizes when recording RAW and JPEG simultaneously, the 3:2 image size can now be combined with a 'Normal' compression ratio and exposure bracketing may be performed in 0.3 EV steps as well as the 0.5 EV available previously.
November 17
Just posted! Canon PowerShot G7 review
Just posted! Our Review of the Canon PowerShot G7. The G7 came as something of a surprise to many who had written off the G series of high end PowerShots. The G series has a long and distinguished history at the top of Canon's PowerShot range, and the G7 continues the tradition, adding all Canon's latest gizmos (including the new Digic III processor, face detection and image stabilization). Since its announcement there has been heated discussion about some of Canon's decisions - particularly the loss of raw mode and the slower lens. Find out what we thought in the review after the link...
November 16
Nikon D40, hands-on preview
As we knew all along the leaks were fairly accurate, Nikon has today announced the six megapixel, compact, 'entry level' D40 digital SLR. This new digital SLR loses some of the D50's features but gains some new ones from the D80. Headline details are a new Multi-CAM530 three area AF sensor, 3D Color Matrix Metering II, custom Auto ISO (same as D80), 2.5 fps continuous shooting, no status LCD and in-camera retouching. The D40 also has lots of nice user interface touches designed to make using the camera an easier experience for first time users. We have a production D40 and have produced a detailed hands-on preview in anticipation of a full review in the next few weeks.
Nikon SB-400 Speedlight
The second 'designed for the D40' accessory today is the SB-400 Speedlight, a compact yet powerful external flash with a tilting front (horizontal, 60, 75 and 90 degrees). This unit has a guide number of 21 (m at ISO 100 at 18mm) and has a shooting distance of 60 cm to 20 m (2 to 66 ft).
Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55 mm F3.5-5.6G ED II lens
As part of its introduction of the new budget, compact digital SLR the D40, Nikon has updated its DX 18-55 mm lens, now carrying the 'II' suffix. This lens will of course become part of the D40 kit and features a Silent Wave Motor (SWM) and smoother zoom operation, other updates aren't stated by Nikon.
November 13
Ricoh Caplio RR730
Ricoh has announced the Caplio RR730, the upgrade to the entry level Caplio RR660. The 7.16 megapixel RR730 features a larger 2.5-inch LCD than the RR660 but it is slightly smaller and lighter than its predecessor. The RR730 also sports a 3x optical zoom and 32MB internal memory.
November 10
Leica statement on M8 issues
Leica has today issued a statement on some of the issues experienced by early M8 owners including IR color casts on certain fabrics and occasional banding. The statement states that "Our technical and engineering teams have isolated the source of these concerns and have identified definitive solutions. Over the next two weeks we will communicate our plan to further assure you of your investment in the Leica M8".
November 9
Fujifilm FinePix Z5fd
Fujifilm has quietly added a new model to its ultra-slim 'Z' range. The FinePix Z5fd features a new 1/2.5" 6MP Super CCD sensor and sports Fuji's new face detection technology as well as a 'jump on the bandwagon' MySpace / blogging mode. The Z5fd will be available early next year in a range of colors.
November 8
Compacts megapixel race not over
Just when we had hoped that the megapixel race was over for compact cameras Sharp has gone and announced a twelve megapixel 1/1.7" sensor. Lets face it the latest batch of ten megapixel compacts are nothing to get excited about, seven was enough in any compact, it's pretty sad to see another two million photosites crammed into the same space. A smaller photosite (in this case just 1.88 microns) means less sensitivity, higher noise (generally) and an even higher requirement on the lens optics (virtually no current compact has what we'd call a great lens). So expect to see this sensor in a new PMA compact camera with the same 3x zoom lens and ISO 3200.
November 7
PNY xD-Picture Card 2GB
Today PNY announces the launch of it's highest capacity xD-Picture Card™ to date. Weighing in at 2GB and of Type M specification, it is compatible with Olympus' exclusive panorama function which requires specific support from the media card.
November 6
Spreading around the web like wildfire is rumored information on an upcoming compact digital SLR from Nikon called the D40. With four fairly well known digital photography / technology 'blogs' already reporting this news it seems ridiculous for us to ignore it. Frankly we've had enough of sitting back each time 'leaks' occur and watching a camera become old news before it's even announced. UPDATE: The camera has now been announced and we have a hands-on preview.
November 2
Canon issue new EOS 30D firmware
Canon has announced new firmware for the EOS 30D. Version 1.0.5 fixes a bug which mis-reports the number of continuous shots which can be taken and also adds a 'semi-gloss paper' option for direct printing. This firmware can be installed by simply copying the update file to the Compact Flash card and is available as a self-extracting archive for Windows or Macintosh.
November 1
Adobe Camera Raw 3.6, DNG converter
Adobe has today removed the Beta suffix from Camera Raw and DNG converter version 3.6 and posted an update as just '3.6'. As previously reported (when 3.6 Beta was released) this new version of Adobe Camera Raw and DNG converter now support an additional 13 cameras including the Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi) and Nikon D80 as well as now the Olympus E-400 and SP-510 UZ. A full list of newly supported models can be found after the link.
October 29
Olympus E-400 Japan Gallery

It's not often we post a gallery without a review, but the Olympus E-400 is in the unique position of not being available to around 60% of our visitors (those in North America). Because we have limited resources we have prioritize cameras which are available to all rather than a few (I have enough of those to last me until well into the New Year). So in this instance instead of a review we have provided a 46 image gallery taken in Japan.

October 19
Just posted! Samsung NV10 review
Just posted! Our review of the Samsung NV10, one of the new NV series of cameras from Samsung. The all black, metal body NV series was announced back in July and is a significant departure in design and build quality from the cameras Samsung had been known for. The NV10 has a ten megapixel CCD, three times optical zoom lens, MPEG-4 video and sensitivity up to ISO 1000. It's also ultra-slim at just 18.5 mm (0.72 in) 'thick'. See how the NV10 shapes up and how it performed against the competition.
October 14
Just posted! Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi review
Just posted! Our in-depth review of Canon's latest in the EOS xx0D / Digital Rebel series, the new EOS 400D / Digital Rebel XTi. With a ten megapixel Canon CMOS sensor, a three part dust reduction system, nine point Auto Focus, a new larger LCD and user interface the EOS 400D offers a range of improvements over the camera it replaces, the very successful EOS 350D. See how the EOS 400D performed in our tests and how it compared to the competition.