December 14
Nikon's Who's Afraid of Digital Camera?

Nikon Japan has posted the second part in a series of nine articles would make ideal reading material for digital camera beginners and novices alike. The first article covers the fundementals of what to look for in a digital camera (maybe a little Nikon bias ;), how to read specifications, box contents, getting up and running and transferring images. The second article covers more manual features, off center focusing, metering, depth of field, flash and white balance. All in all excellent stuff for those just starting out...

Nikon also warn about Windows XP

It turns out that Nikon has also previously posted similar warnings about using Windows XP to rotate images and format CF cards. The exact same cautions apply, that if you use Windows Explorer to rotate images you will destroy the important EXIF data held in the JPEG image header, it turns out that even a simple 'properties' view of a file can destroy the EXIF data. Secondly if you use Explorer to format CF cards the default filesystem is FAT32 which digital cameras won't understand.

Canon BeBit post Windows XP warnings

Canon BeBit (Japan) has just posted a set of warnings about the use of built-in Windows XP imaging features and potential problems associated with CF cards. The first part of the warning is about using XP's built-in image rotation feature, Canon note that doing so will destroy that all important EXIF information. The second part of the warning is about formatting CF cards, when formatting a drive under XP it sets the default filesystem to FAT32. Of course digital cameras only use and understand the FAT filesystem so you must remember to change the filesystem to 'FAT' before formatting you CF cards under Windows XP.

December 13
Just posted! Canon EOS-1D full review

Just posted! Probably our biggest review to date, I've just posted our full in-depth review of a production Canon EOS-1D. This landmark digital SLR is the first professional D-SLR to be produced solely by Canon from the ground up. It's solid magnesium body and environmental seals hint at its destination in life, to be a sports and current affairs photo journalists dream. Capturing an amazing eight 4.5 megapixel frames every second is no mean feat, and to my eye Canon have pulled it off. But that doesn't mean the 1D got full marks under the Askey scrutiny.

December 11
Olympus 3D Scantop

Olympus US has today announced the 3D Scantop. While this may be a new product in the US, we saw it demonstrated by Olympus Europe at Photokina at the end of last year. 3D Scantop is designed to enable 'e-businesses' get 3D representations of their products onto the web. The 3D Scantop system consists of a digital camera, stand, motor driven turntable (with background), lights and software. More interestingly the Scanware system produces a volume / wireframe model and textures separately to produce a true 3D model rather than a set of frames. 3D Scantop is priced at US$4995.

December 10
Minox DC 2111

Leica Camera as the distributor of Minox product has announced the new 2.1 megapixel Minox DC 2111. This compact 2.1 megapixel digital has a fixed focal length auto focus F2.8 lens, optical viewfinder, LCD, USB interface and is powered by four AA batteries. The Minox DC 2111 weighs in at just $249.

December 9
Imaging-Resource update EOS-1D review

Dave Etchells over at Imaging-Resource has now updated his Canon EOS-1D review with results from a full production camera. "Commercial photographers looking for high-resolution images for double-truck catalog or fashion spreads may want more, but they're more likely to buy a high-resolution studio camera anyway. Bottom line, I think Canon's going to be able to sell every EOS-1D they can produce. All in all, a great showing from Canon in the pro digital SLR market!" We will be posting our full in-depth review of a production EOS-1D this week.

December 8
Nikon Coolpix 5000 news

Several items of Nikon Coolpix 5000 news to report. Firstly Imaging-Resource, Steves-Digicams and DCResource have all posted sample images from a production Coolpix 5000. Secondly our affiliate State Street Direct has confirmed that they will be receiving their first batch of Coolpix 5000's next Tuesday or Wednesday, good news if you've pre-ordered, if not you can do so and show your support for this site!

December 7
Creative PC-CAM 600

Creative Technology (Creative Labs in the US) has today announced the PC-CAM 600. This digital camera has 0.75 megapixel sensor (which is interpolated to 1.3 megapixels) a fixed focal length lens, 16 MB of internal RAM, a flash and can be used as both a digital still, webcam and video clip recorder (including audio). All this for just US$149.99.

Olympus cut $100 from D-40Z and C-4040Z

Four megapixel discounts! Olympus has today knocked a huge US$100 off its D-40Z (C-40Z) and C-4040Z digital cameras. This brings both of these cameras down into 3 megapixel prosumer territory. Best of all our official retail affiliate State Street Direct have also immediately cut their prices, for example the D-40Z is now $649 (including a $50 rebate).

December 6
Photosol Swab-N for Nikon D-SLRs

David Stone from Photographic Solutions has just emailed me to let me know that they have developed a new sensor swab called 'Swab-N' designed specifically for cleaning the Nikon D-SLRs the D1 / D1H and D1x. All D-SLRs suffer from an accumulation of dust and dirt on their sensor (although some cope better than others) and sometimes using a blower just isn't enough, that's where Photosol's specially designed Swabs and Eclipse cleaner come into their own.

December 4
dpreview more popular than ever!

I'm glad to report that we appear to be even more popular than ever. Last month showed one of our largest increases in page views. In November we served 36.7 million pages to 2.5 million visitors. This was no doubt thanks to our rather large mention in The Wall Street Journal and the improvements made to the overall performance and response of the site. Many thanks to all our visitors, keep coming back and keep recommending us! Advertisers take note, if you're not advertising on dpreview then you're missing the largest digital photography community on the Internet. UPDATE: 1,000,000 messages now in the forums!

Nikon Coolpix 5000 - 13th Dec (Japan)

Nikon Japan (Nikon Imaging) has today announced that the Nikon Coolpix 5000 'sale schedule date' is Thursday, December 13th (In Japan). The announcement goes on to confirm that several accessories should also be available on the same day: Wide angle converter WC-E68, Battery pack MB-E5000, Lens hood HN-E5000, Adapter rings UR-E5, E6 & E7, LCD Hood HL-E5000 and Soft case CS-E5000.

December 3
OfotoNow 3.0 - a quick preview

What's an album organizer, photo sharer, photo screen saver, photo finishing interface and basic image editor all in one? Ofoto's new and impressive OfotoNow 3.0 (Windows). In its third iteration OfotoNow has matured, has a clean and easy to understand interface and best of all works well. It can certainly give much of Windows XP's built-in digital photo functionality a run for its money, of course though you're tied to Ofoto for sharing and prints...

Nikon clarify XP compatibility update

The NikonTech USA website that Nikon has announced its software updates to make NikonScan, NikonCapture, NikonView fully compatible with Windows XP. According to the NikonTech website these updates will now be available on December 20th. Several products won't be supported on a Serial interface under Windows XP.

November 28
iView MediaPro supports Canon RAW

And the news trickles in... Thanks to Michele Rossi for noting that iView MediaPro 1.3 for Macintosh now supports Canon RAW (CRW) files from the EOS-D30. iView MediaPro takes advantage of the 1440 x 960 pixel JPEG written into the CRW file to produce large thumbnails and the ability to preview the image up to 1440 x 960. It's also possible to view shooting and IPTC text information.

Konica DG-2 rugged digital camera

Konica (Japan) has today announced the DG-2 digital camera, aim squarely at the construction industry this rugged digital camera with its rubber case and oversized controls can be used almost anywhere. The DG-2 has a 2 megapixel CCD and a fixed focal length (38 mm) F2.8 lens. Additionally there's also a wide angle conversion lens. The DG-2 weighs in at 79,800 YEN (approx. $650) and should be available (in Japan) in March 2002.

November 27

Just a short note to the fifty or so people who've emailed me (and the dozen or so who have posted the same question on the forums) asking why I haven't done any updates in the last few days. Well, it's fairly simple. There has been no news. When there's nothing going on there's nothing to tell, and rather than post irrelevant 'filler' articles I'd rather keep our news accurate and to the point. There are often lulls in news like this at different times of the year.

November 20
Just posted! Casio QV-4000 review

Just posted! I've just put up our second review of the day. Another four megapixel digital camera, the Casio QV-4000 enters the market as direct competition to Canon's PowerShot G2 and Olympus's C-4040Z. The big difference? $200. The Casio brings us a fully featured four megapixel digital camera with a 3x Canon optical zoom lens, CF Type II support, full manual control and a vast number of features for just $700. But what about image quality?

Just posted! Olympus C-40Z / D-40Z review

Just posted! I've just posted our review of Olympus's ultra-compact four megapixel digital camera the C-40Z (Europe / Asia name) or D-40Z (US / Canada name). The C-40Z has a 2.8x optical zoom lens, 4 megapixel sensor, SmartMedia storage and takes two AA batteries for power. It's compact and designed to be 'taken anywhere', the sliding lens cover ensures that the camera and lens system is protected while powered off. See how the C-40Z compared in our tests.

November 19
Minolta DiMAGE PC flash adapter

Minolta has today announced a new accessory for the DiMAGE 5 / 7 digital cameras. The Minolta PC Flash Adapter PCT-100 enables the 5 or 7 to be attached directly professional studio and location flash systems. The small unit slots onto the DiMAGE 5 / 7 flash hotshoe, weighs in at just 30 g (1.1 oz) and the small internal CR2032 battery should last for 10,000+ releases.

November 16
Canon EOS-1D production samples

The Japanese website 'Miscall' (who used to be associated with Dreamarts) has today posted sample images from a production EOS-1D. The gallery (labelled 'Vol 12') covers a variety of subject matter and lenses as well as a good shot of an ISO resolution chart (the results of which are impressive). As far as we know these are the first samples from a production EOS-1D. EXIF headers show this camera has a body number of '000002089'. We are hoping to receive a production EOS-1D within the next few days.

Kyocera Inc. Confirm Contax N Digital

Kyocera Optics, Inc. (US) has today confirmed the Contax N Digital announcement we saw from Kyocera Japan yesterday. The US press release contains more information and more detailed specifications which now reveal that this six megapixel digital camera is capable of 3 frames per second for 5 images at JPEG 1/4, 8 images at JPEG 1/8, 13 images at JPEG 1/16 and 3 images in RAW or TIFF mode. The N Digital becomes the first digital SLR with a full frame six megapixel sensor. There's one thing the press release doesn't discuss - price, the Japanese press release said 800,000 YEN, my sources tell me that this camera is likely to cost more than that in Europe and the US.

Virtual Canon PowerShot S40 tour

Canon Germany has launched the first of (we hope) a range of virtual tours available on the website. The new virtual tour is a Macromedia Flash development and can provide you with a tour of the camera, a 360 degree view, menu displays and technical specifications. Also included is a tour and information of the CP-10 direct-print card printer.

Contax N Digital

The Japanese digital camera website '' run by Yamada Kumio has today broken the news of Contax's long awaited N Digital. This digital SLR is based on the N1 film SLR and is fitted with a full frame (36 x 24 mm) 6 megapixel (3040 x 2016) Philips CCD. The latest specifications now also include ISO sensitivity of 50 to 1600, 3 frames per second continuous shooting speed, N series lens mount, 2" 200,000 pixel LCD, Compact Flash Type I/II, JPEG / TIFF / RAW image format. Price (in Japan) is expected to be 800,000 YEN (US$ 6,550) and the camera is said to be available February 1st 2002. UPDATED: Official Contax Specifications.

This is just a note to ensure all our regular forums users are aware that I have 'quietly' (as quietly as possible) replaced major bottlenecks within our forums system with a new higher performance version. The new version required a complete re-write of read.asp (the main read page) as well as its supporting database interaction. The new version supports more browser, proxy and server based caching as well as dynamic thread lists via a separate javascript datafile. The new system works best with 4.0+ browsers (Netscape & IE).

Sanyo to produce digital cameras in China

In a Reuters news article this morning Sanyo has revealed that it will be starting production of digital cameras in China as early as next spring. Sanyo currently makes digital cameras in Japan, South Korea and Indonesia. Sanyo supplies its products to digital camera makers on an OEM basis and did not identify which firms products would be manufacturered in China.

November 15
Other Sites reviews

In our regular catch-up with the other digital camera websites we note that new reviews are available of: Ricoh Caplio RR1, Fujifilm Finepix 2600, Kodak DX3500 / DX3600 / DX3700, Kodak DCS 760, Toshiba PDR-M71, Canon PowerShot S30 & S40, Canon EOS-1D, Olympus C-40Z / D-40Z, Olympus E-20, Pentax Optio 330 & 430, Nikon D1H, Fujifilm Finepix A101 & A201, Fujifilm Finepix 2600.

November 14
Qimage Pro 2001 v4.0

Mike Chaney, author of the image manipulation / RAW converison / print management application Qimage Pro has today announced his latest 'build'. Version four brings new printing options including 'Floating Text' - an ability to place text over prints or in blank areas and with shadows. Other features include a new gamma filter, support for Photoshop PSD format and the comparator lock. As always this latest build also fixes minor bugs found in earlier versions of Qimage Pro.

Lexar extend 16x cards to 640 MB

Lexar has today extended its new 16x professional Compact Flash card range to 640 MB. As of December 1st the full line up will be available in capacities of 192, 256, 320, 512 and 640MB. The new 640 MB card will have a suggested retail price of $900 ($1.41/MB). "Lexar Media’s 640MB capacity cards enable photographers to store more images to a single card. Offered as the latest Professional Series product, the 16X speed 640MB cards are capable of a minimum sustained write speed of 2.4MB per second, reducing the time it takes for digital cameras to read and write high-resolution image files."

Kodak 'Restructures' Business Units

Kodak has today announced it is restructuring its business in an attempt to boost profits. Kodak will be creating three new groups: Photography (traditional and digital), Commercial Imaging (scanning, processing etc.) and Components (display and image sensor products). Kodak have not said if the new restructuring will involve further job cuts. "This is not about (job cuts),'' a Kodak spokesman said of the restructuring. "This is stepping aside from anything to do with job cuts. This is strictly about how Kodak does business. It is about making this organization simpler by eliminating layers of shared responsibility that now exist.''

November 12
Polaroid (!) announce PDC 1320

Polaroid, yes the company that we all thought had already left the market, has today announce a new digital camera. But not only that, Polaroid make the bold statement that the PDC 1320 "Delivers 35mm Image Quality at an Affordable Price". I'm thinking that just a few digital imaging experts may argue that a 1.3 megapixel digital camera would struggle to do that. Indeed I can't remember a single digital camera manufacturer who has made that statement, let alone with a 1.3 megapixel $199 unit.

Nikon introduce LiveManuals

Nikon USA has today announce the availablility of online 'LiveManuals' tutorials for the Coolpix 775 and 995 digital cameras, with more such manuals to come. Each LiveManual is available from the cameras webpage on the Nikon USA website. "LiveManuals make learning to use a digital camera a hands-on experience -- it's like having an expert right there in your living room, walking you through everything you need to know about your camera. This is a great tool for consumers to learn about their new camera and for those who want to see a demonstration of a camera's features before they go out to make the purchase."

Epson announce new PIM partners

Comdex 2001: Epson has today announced new partners for its PRINT Image Matching system. This time around it's largely software developers and one digital camera manufacturer - JVC. "Epson is excited to be working with these companies to support new P.I.M.-enabled products, further strengthening our commitment to the customer to provide a simple and flexible way to get the best prints possible,'' said Lisa Graham, product manager, photo imaging, Epson.

Ricoh announce 4mp Caplio RR1

Comdex 2001: Ricoh USA has today announced the 4 megapixel Caplio RR1. The Caplio (which is very similar in design to the RDC-5/7xx series) carries a unique 'flat' design with a fold-up LCD screen, 3x optical zoom lens and is supplied with a total of 72 MB of storage (8 MB internal, 64 MB flash). Reviews are available at Imaging-Resource and Steves Digicams.

November 9
Fujifilm ultra-compact iX-1

Fujifilm Germany has announced an all new ultra-compact VGA digital camera with a CMOS sensor. The iX-1 measures just 30 x 51 x 124 mm (1.2 x 2.0 x 4.9 in) and weighs just 96 g (3.4 oz) without its two AAA batteries. It has a fixed focal length, fixed focus F3.0 lens (36 mm equiv), 8 MB of internal flash storage and USB connectivity. It can also capture video clips and be used as a webcam. Price is expected to € 89 (approx. $80).

Toshiba announces $279 PDR-M25

Toshiba has today announced the 2 megapixel PDR-M25. This camera, a successor to the PDR-M61 should hit the shelves in the next week or so with a MSRP of $279. The PDR-M25 features a 2.2 megapixel CCD (creates a 1729 x 1200 image), 3x optical zoom lens (35 - 114 mm). The camera has a 1.5" LCD monitor and takes SmartMedia storage cards (an 8 MB card is supplied).

November 8
FlashPoint announces Patent Licensing Program

FlashPoint, creators of the (recently unused) Digita digital camera operating system has today announced a new program designed to secure licenses with digital imaging providers to use their technology. "FlashPoint has made significant investments in establishing one of the industry's most extensive intellectual property portfolios,'' said FlashPoint President Stephen Saylor. "This license program represents an important opportunity for FlashPoint to capitalize on these investments while ensuring broad market availability of our patented innovations.''

Jenoptik 11 megapixel MF back

Jenoptik has announced that its 'eyelike' medium format back is ready for a new 11 megapixel chip from Philips. This new chip, expected Summer 2002 will have a resolution of 4008 x 2672 pixels. Currently the 'eyelike' medium format back uses the Philips 6 megapixel chip (3072 x 2048). It is driven by a PC through a fiber optic link or Firewire (optional kit). The 'eyelike' has adapters available for Hasselblad, Contax 645, Mamiya 645 AF, Mamiya RZ, Fuji GX 680, Bronica ETR, Rolleiflex 600x and more.

November 7
Samples from Panasonic DMC-LC5

Panasonic Japan (Matsushita) has posted six full size sample images from the upcoming Lumix DMC-LC5 digital camera. The LMC-LC5 is a joint venture between Matsushita and Leica, it features a four megapixel sensor and 3x Leica optical zoom lens. First impressions are favourable, colour balance appears to be good. These images have EXIF headers which indicate a firmware version of 1.00.

November 5
SanDisk claim patent infringement

SanDisk has, over the last two weeks filed two patent infringement claims against Micron, Memorex, Pretec, Ritek and PQI. Both (or all) of these claims are related to patents filed as "Flash EEPROM System". These appear to be similar to previous sucessful claims made against both Lexar and Viking. Steven S. Baik, senior intellectual property counsel said (in regards to the latest claim), "This action is a clear signal to these and other Taiwanese companies that SanDisk will vigorously assert its intellectual property rights against such companies."


Please accept my apologies for current site performance, we had a fairly sizable mention in todays Wall Street Journal and are currently handling 80% more visitors than normal. I'm doing what I can to keep response times down to a minimum. Thanks.

SanDisk announce 1 GB CF Type I

SanDisk has today announced a new 1 GB Compact Flash card, what differentiates it is the fact that it uses flash memory for storage (rather than a moving disc - Microdrive) and that it will be of the Type I form factor. "The 1GB SanDisk CompactFlash card is expected to be available at retail in Q1 2002. The card is expected to sell for under $800. In October, the company introduced SanDisk Ultra(tm) CompactFlash cards, a new line of high-speed storage cards for the digital photography market."

November 2
Possibly the smallest digicam in the world?

Just caught a story on the Japanese site Impress PC Watch about a new camera from the 'low end' manufacturer 'Che-ez!' called 'SPYZ'. This camera is really, really tiny, it has a fixed lens, CMOS sensor and shoots at 640 x 480. Image quality isn't anything to write home about, but for such a small gadget it's bound to gather some interest from some users.

November 1
Sony DSC-F707 BFS problem - the fix

Over the last few weeks it's been clear that there is a problem with some of the initial shipment of DSC-F707's. This problem is related to the performance of white balance when used in with the flash. Named "Blue Flash Syndrome" (BFS) by the members of our Sony Talk forum, who started recording serial numbers of cameras which exhibited the problem. From this it became clear that this issue does not affect all cameras. We now have the official word from a Sony US spokesperson on what to do if your F707 is suffering from this problem.

Nikon announces NikonPro

PhotoPlus Expo: Nikon has today announced NikonPro, a website for Nikon Professionals and for those looking for Professional photographers. "NikonPro matches professional photographers to potential buyers and then manages the financial transactions, expanding business by allowing photographers to shoot and sell at the same time. Attendees can see a demonstration of NikonPro at Nikon Booth #1415 at PhotoPlus Expo at the Jacob Javits Center, November 1-3, in New York City."

October 31

As of Friday 2nd of November we will require all forums members who wish to post messages to register. We will no longer allow anonymous postings. Registration is a straightforward process which simply requires you to sign-up with a valid email address. Once registered your access to the forums and posting becomes transparent thanks to the 'remember my password' feature. This switch to full registration has been in the pipeline for some time, the increase in the amount of noise, flame and troll activity on the forums has caused us to introduce this requirement earlier than expected. Existing registered forums members will be unaffected.

Big update! Compact Flash comparison

Phew! I've just completed a big update to our Compact Flash "Digital Film Comparison". The updates fall into two categories. First we have now added results of eight more cards from six more manufacturers: Viking, Microtech, Pretec, Ridata, Dane-Elec and Crucial. Secondly all sixteen cards have now been tested on a Canon EOS-1D, this proved to be very interesting as the 1D managed to push almost all the cards into 2 MB/sec territory and showed what a difference the device driving the card can make. Also noteworthy is the Pretec card, one of the largest flash CF's weighing in at 640 MB.

Pre-order Canon EOS-1D for $5500

Good news for those who are looking forward to Canon's EOS-1D. Both of our retail affiliates, State Street Direct and Imaging Spectrum Inc. are offering the Canon EOS-1D for pre-order at just $5500. That's a whopping $1000 less than the price originally quoted by Canon USA. It's also an opportunity to give back to dpreview, if you order form either of our affiliates you will be contributing to the upkeep of this site and production of future reviews. We can confirm that this is the new official price from Canon.

October 30
Rob Galbraith updates Eco-Challenge report

Professional Photographer and fellow webmaster Rob Galbraith has posted another update to his (team) coverage of this years Eco-Challenge. Shooting exclusively with Nikon D1x's, some 21,000 frames and 90 GB of images later and it's still not over, but you've got to visit Rob's page if only to be in awe of his (and other members of his team's) photography. Stunning.