July 17
Sony CMOS investment
Sony has revealed it is to invest 60 billion Yen (5 billion Yen more than Canon) over the next three years in its Kumamoto Technology Center (image sensor production). From the announcement: "Over the next three years, Sony will continue to strengthen its CMOS sensor manufacturing operations to provide growth markets such as mobile phones and digital still cameras with CMOS sensors that combine high image quality with advanced processing speeds." UPDATE: Although this story only showed up on Sony's semiconductor page today it was on their press release page some time ago, so it looks like Canon were chasing Sony's tail on this one.
July 13
Fujifilm IS Pro, third UV & IR camera
Fujifilm today announced the launch of the IS Pro - its third camera designed to record non-visible light and aimed at the law enforcement, scientific, medical and fine art communities. The camera - we assume it to be based on the S5 Pro - has a modified CCD filter pack and is sensitive to Ultraviolet and Infrared light between 380nm and 1000nm. Fujifilm are offering the IS Pro in four kits ranging from $2599 for the body only to $4999 with a Zeiss 50mm Macro 1:2 F2.0 Lens, suitable filters, HyperUtility processing software and even protective armour for the camera body. This comprehensive package represents a 'turn-key' solution to Infrared photography and requires only the addition of a Quartz UV lens for optimum Ultraviolet sensitivity. As was the case with its predecessors the IS Pro appears to be available - officially at least - in the US market only.
Sony Cyber-shot H7 review

Just posted! Our review of the Sony DSC-H7, the lower cost version of the Cyber-shot H9 (reviewed at the end of May). There's not a lot of difference between the models (aside from LCD size), so there's not a lot new in this quick update, though it does feature comparisons with Canon's new PowerShot S5 IS, which arrived after the H9 was reviewed and is next in the queue...

Sigma SD14 firmware 1.04
Sigma has released version 1.04 firmware for its SD14 DSLR. The update corrects an intermittent camera freeze, improves video output and fixes the remaining-shot counter. For users of Intel-powered Macs running OS 10.4.9, the camera will now be recognized as a removable disk when connected via USB. The update is available now via the sigma-sd14.com site - link after the click.
Canon Digital Photo Professional 3.0.2
Canon also has an update for users of its Digital Photo Professional Raw-conversion software. As well as enhancing on-screen rendering and allowing Picture Style settings to be applied, version 3.0.2 also improves compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista. Download link after the jump.
Canon EOS Utility 2.0.2
Canon has made available version 2.0.2 of its EOS Utility downloading and camera-control software. The changes include support for Windows Vista and the new EOS-1D Mark III. Download instructions and link after the jump.
July 12
Samsung announces S85
Samsung has today announced its S85 compact digital camera. This economically-priced digicam packs an 8.2MP sensor and 5x optical zoom (38 - 190mm equivalent) alongside the latest technologies including Face Recognition AF & AE and ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction). The S85 will hit the shelves in the UK from the end of August with a recommended price of £119.
July 11
Pentax announces Optio E40 & M40
Pentax has a couple of new digital camera upgrades to announce today. The Optio E40 is an entry-level model with 8.1MP, 3x zoom (37.5 - 112.5 equiv) and clearly geared toward ease-of-use. Face Recognition is here along with Auto Picture mode, Digital Shake Reduction (increases ISO to achieve higher shutter speeds) and Pentax's fully-automatic 'Green Mode'. The Optio M40 meanwhile piles on the style with a slim alloy body measuring a mere 18mm (0.7") deep and is available in a variety of colors.
Samsung introduces new L-series cameras
Samsung has today announced three new L-series digital cameras. The 7MP L730 and 8MP L830 both feature a 3x optical zoom and 2.5" LCD alongside Samsung's Intelligent Face Recognition Technology and ISO1600 capability. The L83T meanwhile adds ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) - Samsung's pseudo-stabilization system which detects camera movement and applies an inverse correction during image processing. All three are due to arrive in the UK in August with price tags between £119 and £179.
July 10
Casio Exilim EX-Z77 and EX-S880
Casio has today announced two new digital cameras whose USP (Unique Selling Point) is a YouTube optimized video capture mode. Thankfully this promises to be more than just marketing fluff as the EX-77 and EX-S880 record video using the MPEG-4 H.264 video codec, something we've been asking manufacturers to implement for some time. You can record almost 19 minutes of 640x480 video (with audio) at 30 fps on a 1 GB SD card, and of course both cameras support SDHC cards so that's an hour and 10 minutes of high quality video on a 4 GB card. Moving back to still capture capabilities for a second, both cameras have a three times optical zoom lens, the EX-S880 has an eight megapixel sensor, the EX-S77 a seven megapixel sensor.
July 5
Just Posted! Fujifilm S5 Pro Review
Just Posted! It's taken a while, but we've just posted our in-depth review of Fujifilm's S5 Pro. The S5 Pro may have the same sensor (well, almost) as the S3 Pro, but as a camera it is a quantum leap forward over the models that preceded it, being based on the highly-regarded Nikon D200 (all the previous models were based on consumer level Nikon film cameras). On paper the S5 Pro seems to address most of the issues we - and many potential purchasers - had with the S3 Pro; find out if it delivers on its promise of hugely expanded dynamic range after the link...
Pentax K10D firmware 1.30
Pentax has today released the latest firmware update for its K10D DSLR. Following the lead set by its recently announced K100D Super, the release adds support for SDM (Supersonic Drive Motor) lenses with built-in motors - Pentax's equivalent to Canon's USM and Nikon's AF-S technology and offering smoother quieter focusing. This update also incorporates previous fixes from releases 1.10 through 1.20. The update is available now for Windows and Mac OS systems via the Pentax K10D firmware download page - link after the click.
July 3
Adobe ships CS3 'Production Premium' and 'Master Collection' editions
Adobe has announced shipping of the English-language editions of Adobe Creative Suite 3 'Production Premium' and 'Master Collection', finalizing availability of the CS3 range. Customers requiring other translations have a little longer to wait however - German, French and Japanese releases are due to appear by mid-July. Comprising of six distinct editions aimed at different sectors of the imaging and production sectors, the Adobe Creative Suite 3 family is the most comprehensive package yet offered by the company.
July 2
Fujifilm S5 Pro firmware Ver 1.08
Fujifilm has made available firmware version 1.08 for its Finepix S5 Pro digital SLR. This latest release is aimed at fixing connection issues with Nikon's MB-D200 battery grip and is available now via Fujifilm's software update page - link after the jump.
June 28
Pentax K100D Super
Pentax today announced an updated version of the K100D digital SLR. The new K100D Super adds ISO 3200 sensitivity, SDM (Supersonic Drive Motor) lens support and a Dust Removal system which operates in the same manner as the K10D; a combination of a special protective coating on the low pass filter and a high frequency 'shake' of the sensor using the SR system. In addition to the K100D Pentax has also revealed a new compact P-TTL flash, the AF-200G which has a guide number of 20.
June 27
Adobe updates Lightroom
Adobe has updated its Photoshop Lightroom workflow to version 1.1. Now including support for multiple computer workflows, assisting photographers with one more than one workstation, Adobe has also made improvements to the Noise Reduction and Sharpening algorithms. Windows Vista compatibility has arrived with certification for 32-bit editions and there is support for the latest major digital camera releases, including the Canon EOS-1D Mark III; Fuji FinePix S5 Pro; Nikon D40x; Olympus E-410 and SP-550 UZ; Ricoh Caplio GX 100; Sigma SD 14 and the Phase One H 20, H 25, P 20, P 21, P 25, P 30, and P 45.
June 26
Olympus announces ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 70-300mm 1:4.0-5.6
Olympus has today announced a new Zuiko Digital ED 70-300 F4.0-5.6 telezoom for its E-System DSLRs to be introduced in October. Slotting into Olympus' 'Standard' range alongside the existing 14-42 and 40-150 zooms the new lens lives up to the Four Thirds promise of lighter, more compact optics measuring 127mm (5") long and weighing a mere 620g. The 2x crop factor on the Four Thirds system gives this lens a field of view equivalent to a 140-600mm lens in 'old money' and a maximum magnification ratio of 0.5x for effective close-up performance, making it an attractive proposition for travel photographers for whom versatility is paramount.
June 22
Copyright Violator: pconline.com.cn
So we've tried the traditional route, we have contacted this site on numerous occassions to point out their obvious violation of our copyright (and that of other digital camera sites) but to no avail. The legal route is still open but fraught with problems. One option always available to us is to shame such websites and hope that they will see the errors of their ways. This site mixes some original content with stolen images and translated text which it then publishes as its own original work. See inside for some examples. UPDATE: pconline.com.cn public apology, promise to remove content.
HP takes wraps off summer releases
Summer is on its way and HP has a raft of releases to help capture the fun and games. The headline product is the Photosmart R937 which boasts a huge 3.6-inch touchscreen - the largest currently available - in addition to its 8MP sensor and 3X zoom lens. The remainder of the cameras released are hardly ground-breaking stuff but HP do seem to have all the bases covered price-wise with new cameras starting from $79.99. Also released are two new printers, one with wireless connectivity, and an 'all-in-one' printer, scanner and copier with CD/DVD printing capability.
Potential site disruption later today
Later today I am aiming to apply a site-wide update, the application of this update may take a few hours during which time the site will be unavailable or only partially operational. I expect to start this work at approximately 6 PM BST (1 PM EST). As soon as the update is complete I will add an update to this news article. This update is both infrastructure and cosmetic based, it delivers equal 160 pixel columns (for information and advertising) left and right of a wider center column, it will also enable us to deliver new site features more easily in the future. Any cosmetic issues after the update should be resolved by a 'hard refresh' (hold CTRL or APPLE while clicking reload) or clearing your browser cache. UPDATE: New design applied.
June 20
Fujifilm Big Job HD-3W coming to UK
Fujifilm has today announced that it is to introduce the latest model in its 'Big Job' range of ruggedized digital cameras to the UK. Previously unavailable on these shores, the Big Job HD-3W offers a wide-angle (28-84mm equivalent) 3x zoom lens, 3" LCD monitor, hotshoe and ISO 1600 capability all wrapped up in a water, shock and dustproof body. Fujifilm has also equipped this 'tough guy' with a system to detect manipulation of images making it ideal for insurance and forensic photography. Pricing and availabilty are yet to be announced.
June 18
Leica Digilux 3 firmware 2.0
Leica has today released firmware version 2.0 for its Digilux 3 DSLR. Headlining the update is the addition of a 'Mode 3' setting to the optical stabilization system which corrects only longitudinal camera movement and is ideal for 'panning' action shots. Other enhancements include improvements to the LiveView system and replay facility - most notably a replay zoom - as well as making adjustment of the ISO value easier whilst in AE mode. Link after the click.
June 14
Just posted! Olympus E-410 EVOLT review
Just posted! Our detailed in-depth review of the Olympus E-410 EVOLT. This ten megapixel digital SLR is the lightest and slimmest on the market weighing in at just 435 g (excluding lens) and has design very reminiscent of Olympus' own OM series from the 1970's (and there's nothing wrong with that). The E-410 takes the entry level moniker and proves that you don't need to cripple a camera in order to maintain the rest of your product line, it has Live View, dust reduction, mirror lock-up, exposure bracketing and of course full lens compatibility, a strong range of features compared to the competition. See how the E-410 faired in our extensive review.
Kodak High Sensitivity Image Sensor Tech
Kodak Image Sensor Solutions has today announced a new Color Filter Array (CFA) layout (and image processing path) as an alternative to the widely used Bayer pattern which should provide higher sensitivity. This new layout features one 'panchromatic pixel' (monochrome) to every colored pixel (red, green or blue) and there are three proposed layouts. Kodak ISS are presenting this as a technology solution which can be applied to any size, megapixel count or type (CCD / CMOS) of sensor. Kodak claim a one to two stop improvement in sensitivity, the tradeoff is of course color resolution which is effectively a quarter of the traditional Bayer pattern. This interesting development will of course only be proven when we see it actually implemented and we can compare it to traditional Bayer.
June 12
Ricoh Caplio R6 firmware version 1.39
Ricoh has released updated fimware for their Caplio R6 digital camera. A minor update by all accounts, this fixes the skew correction feature as well as preventing the step zoom function from being deactivated when the camera is powered off. The third change is to display @settings have been changed' if switched on in the landscape scene mode. Link after the click.
Kodak bolsters camera range with six new models
Kodak has today announced six new digital cameras to be made available between now and September, four of them marking the debut of its new 'M-Series'. The M753 and M853 are 3x zoom models with 7 and 8 megapixels respectively. The M873 and M883 meanwhile both sport 8 megapixels, a large 3-inch LCD and all-metal construction with the M883 adding face-detection to the specs list. Also on the way are the Z1275 - a 12MP 5X zoom with 'photographically-advanced features' and the 7-megapixel ZD710 superzoom with 10X lens.
June 8
Bibble Pro Version 4.9.8
Bibble Labs has today released the latest version of its RAW processing software, adding support for recent cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus and Panasonic. Also included is the ability to tether newer Canons and Fujifilm's S5 Pro. The upgrade is free to current owners of Bibble 4 and new licensees will receive a free upgrade to version 5 when it is made available. Link after the jump.
Just Posted! Canon TX1 Review
Just Posted! A quick review of Canon's unusual PowerShot TX1. This ultra-compact 7MP digital camera is has several unique features including a 'camcorder style' vertical design, 720p 'HD' movie capabilities and an optically stabilized 10x optical zoom. Find out what we thought of it after the link...
June 7
Ricoh GX100 firmware update
Ricoh has posted firmware version 1.14 for the GX100, this new revision improves auto focus accuracy and the level of exposure compensation used in long exposures. In addition it fixes no less than five bugs including loss of auto focus mode setting, DNG format metadata errors and problems with the skew correction feature. Ricoh are getting a reputation for regular updates (although most appear to be bug fixes) with no less than three revisions in one month.
June 1
dpreview.com is hiring, be a part of the team
Have you got what it takes to be a part of the dpreview.com team? Are you passionate about the techniques and technology surrounding digital photography? Do you want the dubious pleasure of working alongside Phil, Simon, Jo and Gordon on the most exciting photography website in the world? We're looking for three new staff members; two technical writers and one web development engineer. We need driven, technically curious people who can solve and innovate. For the writing positions we expect you to have a solid photographic knowledge as well as experience using our chosen authoring tools (see inside). All three positions will be at our office in London (UK).
Pentax and Hoya go ahead, statement
Today we received a joint statement from Hoya and Pentax confirming a 'management integration' agreement. The statement spells out the purpose of the merger as well as the terms; Hoya will pay 105 billion Yen (approx. $860 million) for all outsanding Pentax shares. The deal could go ahead as soon as next Monday (June 4th). We fully expec this deal to strengthen Pentax's position iespecially considering the growing importance of the lens market.
Pentax 50th Anniversary Asahi Pentax DSLR
In the Pentax Square in Shinjuku, Japan Pentax has revealed a special 50th Anniversary edition 'Design Study Model' digital SLR with the tentative name of 'Asahi Pentax'. This prototype camera is based on the K10D (as is obvious on closer inspection) but has a very different viewfinder, which is of the same design as that found on the very first Asahi Pentax from 1957, the first Japanese SLR with a fixed pentaprism viewfinder. Note that there are no plans to put this camera into production, rather it is a celebration of Pentax's 50th anniversary and their long contribution to SLR photography.
May 29
Just Posted! Sony DSC-H9 Review
Just Posted! Our in-depth review of the new flagship 'big zoom' Cyber-shot, the DSC-H9 - successor to the H5. As well as stretching the lens to 15x and adding a million or so pixels the H9 sports a wealth of new features and a trendy new interface. Find out what we thought of it after the link...
Adobe Camera RAW 4.1 (now)
Adobe has today released version 4.1 of their Camera RAW plug-in for Photoshop CS3, Elements 4.01 (Mac) and Elements 5.0. This update adds support for the Canon EOS-1D Mark III, Fuji FinePix S5 Pro, Nikon D40X,  Olympus E-410, Olympus SP-550 UZ, Sigma SD14, Phase One H 20, Phase One H 25, Phase One P 20, Phase One P 21, Phase One P 25, Phase One P 30 and Phase One P 45. The update also includes a new version of Adobe DNG converter which can convert all ACR supported RAW formats to Adobe's "universal" DNG format. UPDATE: Now available for download.
May 27
Just posted! Nikon D40X review
Just posted! Our detailed in-depth review of the Nikon D40X, the ten megapixel follow-on from the D40. As well as another four megapixels the D40X also features faster continuous shooting (three frames per second) and a lower base sensitivity of ISO 100. Delivering a compact digital SLR with a ten megapixel sensor for $699 means the D40X is aimed squarely at the Canon EOS 400D (Rebel XTi). See how it performed and how it compared to such stiff competition in our extensive review.
May 25
Samsung GX-10 firmware 1.20
Samsung has released firmware version 1.20 for its GX-10 DSLR. Adding functionality to the command dials and green button seems to be at the heart of this update, improving speed and ease of operation by allowing photographers to change settings without having to delve into the menu system. The firmware may be installed over all previous versions as it incorporates the changes added in previous releases and is available now via Samsung's support site (link after the jump).
Sigma SD14 firmware 1.03
Sigma has today released version 1.03 firmware for the SD14 digital SLR. This new firmware contains two fixes; Corrects the intermittent camera freeze while CF CARD BUSY LIGHT is on during continuous shooting. Corrects the remaining battery power display on the top LCD panel. Firmware can be user updated and higher version numbers contain all the fixes of previous versions. This new firmware can be downloaded from the sigma-sd14.com website (link after the jump).
Pentax finally accept Hoya offer
In a saga which (publicly) began in December last year and has seen Pentax fighting Hoya's approaches on various fronts including the resignation of their president Fumio Urano last month and talk of selling its headquarters in Tokyo looks to be finally coming to an end. According to numerous reports Pentax's board of directors has today approved the deal and the merger will go ahead next month. Additionally Pentax's board members have agreed to resign after the Hoya takeover goes through.
Pentax Remote Assistant 3 for Mac OS X
Pentax has announced a Mac OS X version of its Remove Assistant 3 software. This tool enables you to remotely control one or more tethered K10D digital SLRs from a PC or (now) Mac. You can control almost all camera functions as well as triggering shutter release manually, at regular intervals or at specific times. With more than one camera attached you can even achieve 'same time' synchronized exposures. In addition to releasing an OS X version of RA 3 Pentax has also posted an updated version for Windows which includes a small bug fix. Download links after the jump.
May 23
Kodak phasing out low-end digicams
According to a report by CNET Kodak President Antonio Perez speaking at the JPMorgan Technology Conference revealed that the company "wasn't making much money" in the low-end digicam segment and has decided to pull out of it. In Addition Mr Perez also revealed that the company had developed its own five megapixel CMOS sensor which would make its way into a future Kodak digital camera. It's unclear where Mr Perez draws the 'low-end' line but we can't say we're that surprised at this news.
May 21
Panasonic announces DMC-FX100
Panasonic has today unveiled the latest addition to its popular and acclaimed Lumix range of digital cameras, boasting a world's first in its combination of 12.2 megapixels and a 28mm wideangle lens. Also able to capture HD video the dinky Panasonic certainly is bang up to date specification-wise, let's hope it's not a step too far in terms of pixel density.
Casio Exilim EX-Z1200SR
Casio has today announced its new "Flagship Exilim" compact digital camera which packs an unnatural twelve megapixels into its 1/1.7" CCD sensor and helps to deal with camera shake thanks to a CCD-shift style stabilization system. The EX-Z1200SR also features automatic ISO which is dependent on the speed of the subject (several other manufacuters have a similar feature). Other key specs are a three times optical zoom lens, 2.8" LCD monitor, H.264 video clips and SDHC support. Perhaps telling a little more of the performance of the CCD the maximum default sensitivity is ISO 400 with ISO 800 and 1600 available as a 'Best Shot' scene option.
May 20
Just Posted! High ISO article
Just posted: Compact Camera High ISO modes: Separating the facts from the hype. It's rare these days for a compact camera to be launched without a high sensitivity mode / high ISO capabilities, but the truth behind the marketing hype is often disappointing to say the least. We believe consumers are often being misled by the manufacturers when it comes to the actual performance of most cameras at higher ISO settings and in low light. So we decided to put together a short article for the uninitiated on the truth behind those headline high ISO modes. If you're new to digital cameras or are in the market for a new one this is well worth checking out.
May 18
Olympus expands underwater range
Olympus has added to the range of underwater accessories for its compact and SLR digital cameras. Interestingly Olympus have released housings for its already waterproofed SW range, perfect for the 'belt and braces' approach to aquatic photography. The entire current lineup of DSLRs now has the option of dipping beneath the surface with an array of lens ports available for wideangle and macro lenses.
May 17
Just Posted! Nikon P5000 Review
Just Posted! Our review of the new 'flagship' in Nikon's Coolpix compact digital camera range, the P5000. The 10 megapixel P5000 offers an appealing combination of features in a remarkably compact format, including full photographic control, flash hot shoe and add-on lens capabilities. Find out if the P5000 lives up to its promise after the link...
May 14
Amazon.com acquires dpreview.com
We're proud and excited to announce that Dpreview has been acquired by the worlds leading online retailer, Amazon.com. Started as hobby site in 1998, dpreview.com has grown to be the number one destination for anyone interested in digital cameras and digital photography. Each month dpreview.com has seven million unique visitors (over 22 million sessions) who read over 120 million pages. "We've worked very hard over the last eight years to deliver consistently high quality content to our readers", founder Phil Askey said. "It will be fantastic to be able to expand and build on that without compromising our quality or independence. With the support and resources of Amazon we can achieve this."
New Panasonic Robust Image Sensor
Panasonic has today announced that it has developed a MOS type image sensor which can withstand being exposed to direct sunlight for more than twenty years. The most significant part of this announcement however is the development of a new type of microlens formed by concentric rings and color filters made from inorganic materials (unlike the dyed RGB color filters found on traditional sensors). "The cutting-edge semiconductor process technology can realize the pattering of an array of digital-microlenses made of an inorganic material in subwavelength dimensions. A digital-microlens can be formed by patterning digitally the inorganic material in concentric rings, which works out as a conventional onchip microlens to gather more light onto the photo diode area. "
May 7
Canon PowerShot S5 IS
Finally we have the update everyone had expected at PMA, the new PowerShot S5 IS digital camera. The S5 IS features an eight megapixel 1/2.5" (5.8 x 4.3 mm) CCD sensor and a twelve times Image Stabilized zoom lens. Unfortunately this lens, while offering long reach with its maximum 432 mm equiv. FOV doesn't improve at the wide end with the same 36 mm equiv. FOV as the S3 IS. Improvements include Face Detection (for AF, AE and Flash in shooting mode and red-eye removal in playback), a 2.5" LCD monitor (up on the S3 IS) and a flash hot-shoe. Still no RAW support though.
Canon PowerShot SD850 IS
Canon has announced the new Powershot SD850 IS (IXUS 950 IS) which replaces the SD700 IS (IXUS 800 IS). Confused yet? This new digital camera features an eight megapixel 1/2.5" (5.8 x 4.3 mm) CCD sensor mated to a four times optical zoom lens in a compact metal body. In addition the SD850 also features optical Image Stabilization (hence the IS suffix), a 2.5" "PureColor" LCD monitor and face detection for optimizing AF, exposure and flash (up to nine faces). Face Detection can also be used in playback mode for red-eye removal. The SD850 also has a 1 frame per second 'spy camera mode' (well, time lapse).
Canon Selphy CP740 and CP750
In addition to their two new cameras Canon has also introduced two new dye-sublimation photo printers the Selphy CP740 and CP750. The primary difference between the two appears to be in LCD size, photo adjustment and IrDA and IrSimple (high-speed) support. These two new printers take approximately one minute to produce a postcard (6x4") print at 300 dpi, they feature a range of connectivity options including card slots (CF, SD, MMC, Memory Stick, xD-Picture Card), direct PC/Mac printing (USB), Canon Direct Print and PictBridge (USB), Infrared (CP750), Bluetooth (optional BU-20 unit) and even WiFi (optional WA-1E unit).