April 23
Iomega adds 1GB Microdrive

Iomega are to add the 1GB Microdrive to their product offerings. They announced last November that they were to offer the 340MB version but there was no mention of the 1GB drive at that time. As with the 340MB drive they are to bundle a Type II PC Card adapter (for an extra $10) and the Iomega Quik Sync 2 software.

After some 430,000 messages we've finally reached the stage at which we need to introduce registration for posting our forums. However, as I am a strong believer in successful forums allowing open posting our implementation is less restrictive. If you register you are protecting your identity and email address from misuse, you will also gain access to some new and advanced features of the forums (more of which to come). We will still allow unregistered posts (in the medium term).

Kodak To Introduce "EasyShare"

Kodak has released news of their new camera system which it claims will make digital photography easier than ever. It is basically a USB dock and associated software that automatically transfers any pictures from the camera to the PC and allows the user to rotate, print etc. directly from the the one integrated software suite. The first two models that will be able to use the system will be the DX3500 and DX3600. UPDATED: official press release.

April 20
Yahoo! - dpreview.com wins award

Well, I'm wearing a smile. Yahoo! Internet Life magazine, May 2001 has reviewed various sites dedicated to photography, and we've been given the gold star award as "Best Digital Camera Reviews" site, to quote, "If Dickens had written digicam reviews, they'd probably have looked like these — long. But there's good reason for the length: This site posts the Web's most exhaustive hands-on analysis. No feature is too small". Other winners include Ofoto for Best Overall Photo Site / Digital Print and Steves-Digicams for digital camera news.

Impress Digital Camera Magazine 5/2001

The printed monthly Japanese "Digital Camera Magazine" published by Impress has posted samples from several digital cameras, these tie in to articles printed in the magazine. This month are samples from: Nikon D1X, Olympus C-700UZ, Canon IXY Digital 300 (S300 ELPH / IXUS 300), Olympus C-1 (BRIO D-100), Casio QV-3500EX, Sony Mavica FD97 and the Fujifilm Finepix 2300 among others...

First Nikon D1X samples online!

The Japanese digital camera news site "Digital Camera Express" (DCEX), run by the famous photographer Rio Enzo Fuzuki has just posted eighteen sample images from a Beta Nikon D1X. All of the images are in JPEG format and weigh in at about 2.3 MB. EXIF reports firmware ver 0.40. The D1X is Nikon's eagerly awaited six megapixel sucessor to the groundbreaking D1. UPDATE: Now Yamada Kumio has also posted four samples from a D1X. Japan Miscall have posted no less than ninety-nine (99) D1X samples including resolution charts and comparisons to other digital SLR's. PC Watch post samples.

April 19
Imaging-Resource review Sony MVC-FD92

Dave Etchells over at Imaging-Resource has just posted his review of Sony's 1.3 megapixel MVC-FD92, here's what he had to say "With all the great qualities of the Mavica line that have made these digicams so popular, the MVC-FD92 is a welcome new addition to the Mavica family. Limited exposure control keeps the camera at point-and-shoot ease, while a selection of Program AE exposure modes and recording options (such as E-mail, Voice, etc.) give the FD92 enough flexibility to handle a variety of situations. "

Lexar and Samsung strike license deal

Lexar and Samsung have today announced a partnership agreement under which Samsung will license Lexar's high speed controller technology. The terms of the agreement will enable Samsung to manufacture flash storage devices based on Lexar's controller technology."Samsung Electronics chose to license Lexar Media's unparalleled technology because controller-based solutions are critical to the future of new applications," said Chang-Gyu Hwang, President of Samsung Electronics.

60% of photo sharers don't order prints

The results of our last poll shouldn't come as any surprise to the struggling online photo sharing / photo finishing companies, several of which have recently announced charges for sharing services. The poll asked "Of all the photos you share online for what % do you order prints?", 59% said None, 23% said up to 5% of their photos and just 9% said 5 - 25% of their photos. We should also factor in that most photo sharing / finishing sites offer free prints for signing up so that may have skewed the results a little.

Just posted! Canon CP-10 Photo Printer review

The Canon CP-10 is a rather unique dye sub printer, it connects directly to compatible Canon digital cameras (currently A10, A20 and IXUS 300) and supports printing of single images or batches (using DPOF selection) directly from the camera. Although the prints are only card sized (86 x 54 mm; 3.4 x 2.1 in) they're high quality and glossy coated. Design isn't something that was ignored with the CP-10 and it wears a trendy semi-transparent blue case.

April 18
Canon and ACD Systems deal

ACD Systems (makers of my favourite image browser; ACDSEE) has done a deal to license their ACD Software Development Kit to Canon, "Working with Canon Information Systems Inc., (CIS), ACD used the SDK to develop a digital image viewer that will be bundled with a future Canon product."

April 17
Just posted! Olympus C-3040Z review

The C-3040Z is Olympus's update for last years C-3030Z, fitted out with a new "fast" F1.8 - F2.6 lens (answering the criticism that last years lens was based on that found on the C-2020Z). The C-3040Z also features several internal processing and software changes. Available at around $800 (and in some places as low as $750) the C-3040Z seems to offer a lot of bang for your buck, but how does it really measure up? UPDATE: Imaging-Resource also publish theirs.

Epson announce Stylus Photo 785EPX

Epson has today announced what it calls the "Ultimate Printer for Digital Cameras" (does that mean they won't be making any more after this?). The new 785EPX features 2880 x 720 dpi resolution, includes PRINT Image Matching (the new colour matching technology announced at PMA) and has a built-in PC Card slot which enables direct printing from storage cards via a PCMCIA adapter. Optionally there's even a 1.6" preview LCD which allows you to review and select images for printing. The 785EPX is priced at US"249 and should be available in June. UPDATE: Pictures.

Kodak Reports Q1 2001 Sales & Earnings

Eastman Kodak has today reported revenues of $2.975 billion and net earnings of $150 million ($0.52 per share) for Q1 2001. Segment results were: "Other Imaging" (which includes digital cameras) up 1%, Consumer Imaging sales down 7%, Kodak Pro sales down 11%, Health Imaging up 15%. "These results are in line with the expectations we set last December and reaffirmed in January when we reported year-end 2000 results,'' said Daniel A. Carp. UPDATE: Kodak to cut at least 3,000 jobs, blames slow down in film sales and drop in prices of film media.

April 16
More Sony DSC-S75 samples online!

We've just posted an additional gallery of 18 images from a full production Sony DSC-S75. Because our initial gallery was half pre-production / half production we decided to add on another gallery of shots from the production camera. Thanks and introductions to Jim Tominey who contributed to the gallery. Samples include some flash and low-light shots.

April 15
64MB CompactFlash for just $59.95

Another superb deal from State Street Direct and DPReview.Com! This weekend at you can purchase Dane-Elec 64MB Memory cards for only $59.95 each (below normal dealer cost). Plus! when you spend at least $200 or more on any in-stock items you'll also receive FREE Shipping. This special is only available when clicking & purchasing directly from our link and is not redeemable on prior purchases. Offer ends Monday 9th (or while stocks last).

Good response to Microdrive poll

Last week we ran a generic IBM Microdrive satisfaction poll, we had 933 responses and although the majority of the results were in favour of the Microdrive it's clear that not everyone is happy (it's also clear that the newer 1 GB Microdrive is better). Some 77% of 340 MB Microdrive owners and 83% of 1 GB Microdrive owners were happy, however that still leaves a good percentage of people who either had some problems or who thought their Microdrive was terrible.


The observant among you will no doubt have noticed we've been making some subtle improvements to the forums software over the last few days, the main thrust of which has been integration into a cleaner and more powerful database backend. This new backend has allowed us to remove all limitations to browsing and searching for messages, you now have full access to all forums messages back to day one! We've also added the new HOT tag to threads which receive the most posts within 48 hours.

April 12
Color Vision Monitor Spyder Review

If you take digital photography seriously you need to be certain your monitor is properly calibrated and profiled. Color Vision's Monitor Spyder is a device which attaches to your monitor (by three suckers) and in conjunction with PhotoCal or OptiCal software walks you through its set up, calibration and profiling. The results are surprising and may well breathe new life into your monitor and your photographs. Best of all? The Monitor Spyder and PhotoCal sell at the amazing price of U$224.

A Digital Eye reviews Sony DSC-S75

A Digital Eye have posted their full review of the Sony DSC-S75, here's what they say about it, "With a solid camera feel to it, very easy menus to use, lots of camera control and manual exposure/focus settings, and a great battery life, the latest 3.34 megapixel offering by Sony is one which we feel has a lot to offer potential buyers, and one we can highly recommend."

April 11
Take part in survey for chance of a prize!

Strydent Software is currently undertaking a survey of users of digital cameras and ink jet printers. Their aim is to develop custom printer drivers which deliver better output and colour matching, which will ultimately benefit you in producing better photos. Completing the survey entitles you to be entered into a prize draw for $200 worth of "digital darkroom" supplies (photo paper and ink). UPDATE 11/Apr: Due to a technical problem on our server some of the responses from yesterday have been lost.. If you filled the form in yesterday please complete and re-send it today.

April 10
Fuji FinePix 6800 Reviews
David at the Imaging Resource has posted a full review and Steve at Steves Digicams has posted a first look at the Fuji FinePix 6800. He's what David has to say about it "While not nearly the equivalent of a camera with a 6 megapixel sensor, we felt that we did observe improvements in image quality in the 6 megapixel file that went beyond what we've seen from other 3 megapixel cameras... Overall though, a very competent performer with very nice image quality in a very compact package. Definitely Recommended! " and Steve "The FinePix 6800 Zoom's sleek and stylish look...was conceived by F.A. Porsche, the same designer that brought the world the distinctive and timeless look of the classic Porsche 911 sports car. And it's not just for looks, the body is all metal and highly durable which will be appreciated by the casual as well as the extreme user."
Canon release 3.6.1 TWAIN drivers

Canon has today released version 3.6.1 of their TWAIN drivers, these are compatible with the S10, S20, S100, S300, EOS-D30, G1, Pro 90 IS, A10 and A20. These updated drivers have improved speed for RAW file conversion as well as a new standalone utility (RawConverter) for converting from .CRW (Canon RAW) to TIFF. Drivers are available for Windows 95/98/98 SE/Me/2000 and Mac OS 8.1+. UPDATE: 3.6.1 drivers pulled.

OT: DPReview leukaemia research team

Off Topic: You may already have heard that there is a massive peer to peer (P2P) project underway involving thousands of computers around the world trying to find a drug cure for cancer. The project, a joint development between Intel, United Devices and Oxford University, simply requires you to install some software on your computer which uses the CPU power which would otherwise go to waste. After a few requests from readers we've set up a Digital Photography Review team which you can join!

April 9
Kodak DCS 760 official price $7,995

Kodak Professional has today revealed their official price for their new 6 megapixel, Nikon F5 based professional digital SLR the DCS 760, it will have a suggested list price of $7,995. "Authorized dealers of Kodak Professional digital cameras are now taking orders for the DCS 760 camera - including several dealers at the 2001 Seybold conference and exhibit, which opens today in Boston. Customer availability of the camera is scheduled for May." Remember, our professional equipment affiliate Imaging Spectrum Inc. are taking orders at just $6,995.

April 8
Bibble 2.5, Canon RAW tests

Eric Hyman is the first developer to have cracked Canon's new compressed RAW format and Bibble 2.5 now offers Canon EOS-D30 owners a real opportunity for the improved flexibility, image quality and speed that it can offer in the RAW conversion process. Having had a few days to digest Bibble 2.5 we've put together a couple of samples comparing native JPEG, Bibble converted and Canon converted RAW files.

Qimage Pro 2001 v1.3, NEF upgrade!

Mike Chaney, author of Qimage Pro has published version 1.3 of the 2001 edition. In this update he's completely rebuilt the NEF converter to provide the highest possible resolution from your Nikon D1 NEF RAW files without a hint of Moiré. "After weeks of designing and testing new interpolation algorithms, I've finally settled on a hybrid method that is capable of bringing you 1450+ lines of moiré-free resolution..."

April 7
Photopoint follows PhotoLoft with subs charging
It looks as if our prediction of the end of free photo sharing services is starting to materialise. Photopoint today announced that they are to follow PhotoLoft and move to a subscription based service. From mid-May they will have a basic charge of $9.95 for one year or, if you want 25 'free' prints then its $19.95.
Imaging Resource reviews DSC-P30 and P50
Michael at The Imaging Resource has just posted reviews of the Sony Cybershot DSC-P30 and DSC-P50, here's what he says about them. "They both offer good value, with pretty rich feature sets, good image quality, and a very easy to understand user interface... If you want a solid digicam at either the 1.3 or 2.1 megapixel level though, you can't go wrong with either model."
Photopoint to charge for service

Owners of Photopoint accounts are today receiving an e-mail letter addressed from Ed Bernstein, the CEO of Photopoint to inform them that Photopoint will be switching to a subscription based service. "...starting in mid-May, PhotoPoint.com will no longer be a free service". They will be charging an annual fee of $9.95 (existing members, limited time offer only) for storage of up to 1,000 images or $19.95 with 25 free prints bundled. It's a sad day for the photo sharing community but it's no surprise to those of us who have been following the fortunes of the market or who understand the economics of such a huge project.

Kodak DCS 760 for $6,995

DPreview's professional equipment affiliate Imaging Spectrum Incorporated are now taking orders for Kodak's new six megapixel, Nikon F5 based professional digital SLR. Although we've not had an official announcement of price yet from Kodak, Imaging Spectrum are taking orders at this unbelievably low price of $6,995. Expected to ship at the end of April / early May. Link inside...

April 6
Canon USA Spring Offers

Canon USA has today announced new spring offers on their range of cameras, lenses, binoculars and camcorders. Of most interest to readers of this site are the free 340 MB Microdrive with the EOS-D30 Digital SLR.

April 4
Imaging Resource reviews PowerShot S300

David over at Imaging Resource has just posted his review of the Canon PowerShot S300, here's what he concluded, "The new S300 Digital ELPH really competes comfortably at the very top of the 2 megapixel camera world for sharpness and color fidelity, while trading off only the slightest increase in size. Overall, a really sweet little camera, now one of our personal favorites! Highly recommended."

All your RAW files are belong to us!

Eric Hyman, author of Bibble has just announced version 2.5 of his image conversion / manipulation application. Previously seen as one of the best conversion tools for Nikon D1 RAW files Bibble now supports conversion of Canon RAW files (D30) at a claimed two to three times faster than the Canon software (I've yet to test this). (Don't email me about the grammar of the title... If you don't get it just ignore it).

April 3
digitalkamera.de reviews Canon Pro 90 IS
digitalkamera.de have the Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS in their review lab, here's what they say about it "In view of the fact that the Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS and the Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom use one and the same lens, it's difficult not to draw a comparison between the two cameras... The deciding factor when buying a camera is more likely to be the price: the Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom recently slipped below the 1,000 EUR price limit; many will question whether the Canon PowerShot Pro90 IS can justify its disproportionately high price of 1,500 EUR even in view of the overall camera package."
Just posted! Fujifilm FinePix 6800Z review

Another dpreview.com exclusive review! We've just posted our review of Fujifilm's FinePix 6800Z, the successor to the 4700Z features a 3.3 megapixel SuperCCD generating a 6 megapixel image file. Stlyed by F.A. Porsche the 6800Z is certainly sleek and stylish, but does it live up to the promise of a super high resolution super compact digital?

April 1
Megapixel.Net April edition

The monthly bilingual webzine Megapixel.Net have just released their April edition (in French and English), this month they've reviewed the Canon Pro90IS, Sony Mavica FD-75, Sony Mavica FD-85, HP PhotoSmart C618. They also have an overview of all the major types of storage systems for digital cameras.

March 28
Canon demos Micro Bubble Jet camera

CeBIT 2001: More instant prints! Canon have today shown their prototype digital camera with a built in bubble jet printer, this little unit (far smaller than simiilar attempts by Fujifilm and Polaroid) features a 1.3 megapixel CCD has a 2 x optical zoom lens and can store directly to CompactFlash as well as producing credit card sized prints.

Canon PowerShot A10 & A20 samples

Thanks to Wim Pollet for spotting that Canon BeBit have posted sample images from their new "entry level" A10 (1.3 megapixel) and A20 (2.1 megapixel) digital cameras. We've not noted this previously and these two cameras are interesting as they mark the trend in "bringing digital cameras to the masses".

Ofoto services in Windows XP

If you didn't already know, Microsoft released beta 2 of their new OS, Windows XP, yesterday. Windows XP has several enhancements to make it more "Multimedia friendly", including picture folders views, automatic thumbnailing and even automatic recognition of digital cameras and media along with automatic transfer of images from them. Ofoto have put out a press release that their photosharing / photofinishing services are now available through Wnidows XP... UPDATE: Microsoft answer.

Double Density 1.3 GB CD-RW from Sony

Although not strictly digital photography news it may well be important to the many people who archive images to CD-R and also bearing in mind Sony's recent releases of the CD200 and CD300 digital cameras which both write directly to CD-R/RW. The new DDCD format agreed by Sony and Philips was announced last July, this new drive is the first which can read/write at the new double density level.

March 27
Kodak's view on CCD vs CMOS

Kodak have posted their monthly tech briefing, this time its a very interesting story about the battle between CMOS and CCD. "Which sensor will define the future of digital imaging? Is it the charge-coupled device, or CCD, which delivers the highest image resolution but at a significant drain on a camera's resources? Or will it be the complementary metal oxide semiconductor, or CMOS, a simpler, cheaper and more energy-efficient sensor in common use today? Kodak's scientists lay out their view of which sensor will win in which market."

New Pentax ultra-compact digital camera

Thanks to Yamada Kumio for allowing us to use his image of a new ultra-compact digital camera from Pentax, this little unit features a 3 megapixel sensor and 3x optical zoom and it said to be about the size of Canon's Digital IXUS (S100 ELPH). Yamada caught sight of a prototype of this camera at the PhotoExpo 2001 show in Japan.

PCMCIA release CardBay spec

PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association), the international standards body and trade association for the modular peripherals industry, have released the specification for the next generation of PC card slot technology, it is based on the USB 2.0 interface and forms part of the PC Card Standard Release 8.0.

March 22
Fujifilm Finepix 6900Z (updated)

CeBIT 2001: Fujifilm today announce the 6900Z, using the same body design as the 4900Z the 6900Z now uses the same 3.3 megapixel SuperCCD sensor (which produces a 6 megapixel image, 2,832 x 2,128 pixels) found in the 6800Z. Dressed now in a new all black body the camera features the same 6 x zoom lens found on the 4900Z. UPDATE: New product image and complete specifications.

Kodak Pro DCS 760 - more info / pictures

CeBIT 2001: We can now bring you captures of the DCS 760's new onboard software (which is based on that found on the DCS Pro Back), the DCS Photo Desk and the all new DCS Camera Manager software.

LightSurf demos wireless digital photography
CeBIT 2001: LightSurf have today demonstrated their wireless photography solution for GPRS devices and networks. General Packet Radio Service is a new wireless data protocol being introduced in existing GSM countries (Europe / SE Asia) which allows for data transmission at 115.2 Kbp/s.
Kodak Pro DCS 760

CeBIT 2001: Kodak Professional have today announced the Kodak DCS 760, based on the Nikon F5 body this professional SLR features a 6 million pixel CCD (3032 x 2008), has a 1.3x focal length multiplier, can shoot 1.5 fps for up to 24 frames and has variable ISO 80 to 400. The DCS 760 looks to be serious competition to Nikon's recently announced D1X, prices are yet to be announced.
UPDATED: Exclusive details you won't find anywhere else.

CeBIT 2001 gets under way

CeBIT 2001: This years CeBIT proves to be bigger than ever, running from today until 28th March the show is open from 9 AM to 6 PM (CET) with over 8,000 exhibitors occupying some 26 halls and 13 other pavillion areas (over 400,000 sqm of space). Although I won't be attending in person we do have a "man on the ground" at CeBIT and will of course be bringing you any major news as it arrives.

March 21
Just posted! Canon Digital IXUS 300 review

We've just posted our review of Canon's Digital IXUS 300 (it's European name, also known as the Powershot S300, Digital ELPH), this ultra-compact digital camera features a stylish stainless steel case, a three times optical zoom lens and a 2.1 megapixel sensor. It has go anywhere features which ensure you'll always have it by your side and the looks to impress even the most staid technophobe, but does it deliver the goods at the end of the day?