February 20
Lexar 300x CompactFlash cards and new readers
Pre-PMA 2007: Lexar has today announced new Professional 8 GB 300x (45 MB/sec, 1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes, or 42.9 MiB/sec). These cards can achieve faster throughput thanks to their support of the UDMA (Ultra DMA) protocol, supporting Mode 5 (up to 100 MB/sec). In addition Lexar has also introduced a matching FireWire 800 CompactFlash reader and dual media USB 2.0 reader.
Nikon Coolpix S200
Pre-PMA 2007: Next up is a slim, 7.1MP Coolpix digital camera with 3x zoom, 2.5-inch screen and what Nikon somewhat vaguely refers to as electronic VR (image stabilization using digital signal processing). This is the only 'VR' camera in new range that doesn't use lens or CCD shift. But hey, it's got ISO 1000 so that's ok...
Nikon Coolpix S50 / S50c
Pre-PMA 2007: The Coolpix S50 and S50c digital cameras (the latter has an improved version of Nikon's WiFi transfer functionality) continue the S series' tradition with slim cases, 3x zooms, big (3.0-inch) screens and 7.1 megapixel CCDs. The good news is that the new models are even smaller, and have the added benefit of optical image stablization (VR). In the UK both cameras will be exclusive to specific retailers (Amazon and DSG respectively).
Nikon Coolpix S500
Pre-PMA 2007: The Coolpix S500 digital camera, which appears to be very similar to the S200 except is has 'real' optical image stabilization and an ISO 2000 setting, also has a slightly wider (35-105mm) zoom range. The slim metal body is available in black or silver and sports a 3x zoom and 2.5-inch LCD screen.
Nikon Coolpix L10 and L11
Pre-PMA 2007: As we move towards the 'budget' end of the new Coolpix digital camera range we have the twin L10 and L11 models (5.0 and 6.0 megapixels). Both cameras sport 3x zooms and ISO 800, and 2.0 / 2.4-inch screen respectively.
Nikon Coolpix L12
Pre-PMA 2007: Last but not least is the Coolpix L12 digital camera, a well-specified 'budget' camera with 3x zoom, optical image stabilization (VR) and 7.1 million pixel CCD. The L12 also sports a 2.5-inch LCD screen, ISO 1600 and - like all the models here - Nikon's D-Lighting, Face Detection and Red-Eye Fix features.
Nikon Coolpix P5000

Pre-PMA 2007: Nikon has chosen today to announce its new Coolpix digital camera lineup, debuting at PMA in a couple of weeks. By far the most interesting new model is the P5000, a fully-featured 10 megapixel camera with stablized 3.5x zoom, 2.5-inch screen and very compact design. Could this be the camera to put Nikon back on the high-end compact map?

February 18
Sony 1/1.8" high speed CMOS sensor
Sony has announced the IMX017CQE high speed 1/1.8" type CMOS sensor with a resolution of six megapixels (2921 x 2184) and the ability to output this resolution at 60 frames per second (a data rate of around 384 megapixels per second). This sensor is important news both for its seamless transition between video capture and still capture and for the fact that it's a CMOS sensor of the 1/1.8" type, a rare thing indeed. In addition to its impressive full resolution 60 frames per second this sensor can also deliver 300 frames per second at lower resolutions. Because of its design this sensor can be used to capture full resolution stills during video capture without any dropped frames.
February 17
Just Posted! Nikon Coolpix S10 Review
Just Posted! Our review of the Coolpix S10, latest in a long line of swiveling body Nikon compacts. The S10 offers a compelling mix on paper; 10x optical zoom, CCD-shift image stabilization and a very compact design. Find out if it lives up to the promise in our concise review after the link...
February 15
Nikon Capture NX 1.1
Pre-PMA 2007: Nikon has announced a major upgrade to its Capture NX software with version 1.1. New improvements include increased performance, full support for Intel-based Mac OS X, optimization for Microsoft's Windows Vista OS and resizable palettes for histograms and curves & levels adjustments.
February 14
PMA 2007 Show Report - with added RSS
Pre-PMA 2007: Just over three weeks to go and we have already seen over fifty new product announcements and are expecting many more before the show opens on March 8th. So that you can keep up to date with his growing list of new products we have enabled our PMA 2007 show report and new product index which will also provide direct access to our live 'from the show floor' reports as they happen. This year we have also added two new RSS feeds, one for the show report itself (reports of each stand) the second for the new product index.
A new brand on the block: General Imaging
Pre-PMA 2007: Just when you thought you knew all of the camera brands out there GE, better known for their home appliances and light bulbs are getting into the digital camera game. General Electric has licensed its name to be used by the new General Imaging Company in the branding of their new digital cameras. The top people at General Imaging come from such well known companies as Olympus, Sony and ArcSoft. No specific product announcements have been made yet but we are expecting some at PMA.
February 13
Lexar Professional 133x 4 GB SDHC card
Pre-PMA 2007: Lexar has today announced its new Professional 133x 4 GB SDHC cards. Lexar quote a minimum sustained write speed of 20 MB/sec, far beyond the fastest SDHC speed classification and hence the card carries the top label, a Class 6 (6 MB/sec). Lexar Professional SDHC cards will be available in March.
February 12
Lensbabies Creative Aperture Kit
Pre-PMA 2007:Lensbabies has introduced a new Creative Aperture Kit for use with the Lensbaby 3G and 2.0 SLR lenses. The kit contains star and heart-shaped aperture disks, plus blanks which can be cut to any shape the photographer wants.
February 9
Samsung S1030
Pre-PMA 2007: Samsung announced a few new cameras yesterday, but we have only received this information today. First up is the 10.1-megapixel S1030, sporting a 3x zoom, 2.7-inch LCD, sensitivity to ISO 1600 and 45MB of internal memory.
Samsung S830
Pre-PMA 2007: Next we have the 8-megapixel S830 which seems to be exactly the same as the S1030 above, except of course having a lower resolution.
Samsung L77
Pre-PMA 2007: Last is the new Samsung L77. This super slim (21mm thick) 7-million pixel features a non-extending 7x optical zoom, 2.5-inch LCD, ISO to 1600 and Samsung's 'ASR' Advanced Shake Reduction system (which offers a slight variation on the usual ISO boosting method, but is not a mechanical or optical system).
February 7
Samsung NV3 new finishes
Samsung has announced two new finishes for its NV3 compact; silver and 'Oriental Plant Lacquer' or as Samsung call it 'OPL'. The 7.2 million pixel NV3 launched last July, features a 3x zoom, built-in speakers, sensitivity to ISO 1000, a 2.5-inch screen and a Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) in a slim 17.5mm metal body.
Just Posted! Panasonic DMC-FZ8  Review
Just Posted! Our in-depth review of the Panasonic DMC-FZ8, latest in a line of successful compact ultra-zooms. The new model (which replaces last year's FZ7) ups the resolution to 7MP and features the Venus III processor (which has so far had a somewhat mixed reception). Other important changes include raw shooting capabilities, an improved viewfinder and a couple of new features. So does the FZ8 address the concerns we had about its predecessor's image quality at higher ISOs? Read on after the click to find out...
February 6
New Kodak Inkjet printers promise cheaper prints
Kodak has today announced a range of new All-In-One Inkjet printers which promise to provide cheaper home printing with pigment based inks and special paper. Kodak is attempting to turn the current printer / ink model on its head with price controlled printers and cheaper inks, which with the cheapest paper can work out at $0.10 per 4x6 inch print. The printers range in price from $150 to $300 with the top of the range 5500 featuring a scanner, document feeder, fax and LCD display. Inks cost $15 for the color cartridge (for just over 100 4x6 prints) and $10 for the black cartridge (for over 300 pages).
February 5
Ricoh 500SE GPS-ready
Although the information has been floating around for a while now, Ricoh has officially introduced its first GPS-ready digital camera, the 8 million pixel 500SE, in Europe today. The 500SE's integrated precision GPS module provides an easy- to-use device for geo-coding images and video at the time of capture. It is capable of transferring images via Bluetooth or Wifi and receiving NMEA data streams from external GPS devices via the built-in Bluetooth radio. It features the same 28mm wide zoom, 2.5-inch LCD and waterproof / shock-resistant body as the 500G, announced last year.
February 1
Olympus Master Software update
Olympus has announced what it is calling a major update to the Olympus Master software supplied with all its new digital cameras. Version 2.0 adds a Quick Start Guide, improved image-sorting functions and histogram / Color Management adjustments. The new version also sees the introduction of (optional) 'add-ons' that extend the functionality of the software - including professional features from the company's 'Studio' software. The new software will be shipped with all Olympus's 2007 digital cameras.
Kodak Professional Image Enhancement Plug-in
Kodak has announced a new range ('professional' and 'standard') of Image Enhancement Plug-ins for Photoshop (and compatible applications). They include one that automatically reduces noise/grain, an airbrush effect, one that corrects, balances and restores color and one that optimizes contrast and exposure. A free trial of the plug-ins is available to download.
January 31
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8
As the run-up to PMA starts in earnest Panasonic has announced a fairly major refresh of its compact Lumix range, starting here with the DMC-FZ8, which replaces last year's DMC-FZ7. The DMC-FZ8 ups resolution to 7.2 million pixels, adds a newly-optimised (we are told) version of the Venus III processor and throws Raw mode into the mix. The remaining spec (including the stabilized Leica DC Vario-Elmarit 12x zoom lens) is otherwise broadly unchanged. We've had an FZ8 in our hands for a week or so now and a review should be forthcoming very soon.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ2 & DMC-TZ3
Next up are the twin replacements for the TZ1 'travel zoom' compact, the Lumix DMC-TZ2 and DMC-TZ3. At 6.0 and 7.2 million pixels respectively, both feature several enhancements over the original model, most exciting of which is a new 28-280mm (equiv.) 10x Leica DC Vario-Elmar lens (with OIS). The DMC-TZ2 also has a 2.5-inch LCD whereas the DMC-TZ3 has the larger 3.0-inch.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX30
Panasonic's new flagship ultra-compact, the 7.2-megapixel Lumix DMC-FX30, features an optically stabilized 28mm wide-angle lens with a 3.6x optical zoom. 2.5-inch LCD and sensitivity to ISO 1250 packed into a slim 22mm body, making it the world's slimmest 28mm lens camera.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX10 & DMC-FX12
Next up we have the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX10 and DMC-FX12 cameras. Featuring 6.0 and 7.2 million pixels respectively, both cameras have a Leica DC lens, 3x zoom, Optical Image Stabilizer and a 2.5-inch LCD and will be available in black, silver or a blue finish.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ6 & DMC-LZ7
Panasonic is also giving its affordable LZ series a resolution boost in the form of the DMC-LZ7 and DMC-LZ65, replacing the LZ3 and LZ5, respectively. As well as upping the pixel count (to 7.2MP in both cases) the new models add several features and move the range to the Venus III processor. The only significant difference between the two models is the screen size.
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LS75 & DMC-LS60
Last but not least we have the entry-level Lumix DMC-LS60 and DMC-LS75 cameras. The 6.0 and 7.2 megapixel successors to the DMC-LS offer new features and a speed boost thanks to the Venus III processor. The pricier LS75 also boasts a larger (2.5-inch) screen.
January 30
Nikon issue new firmware for D40 and D80
Nikon has today issued firmware updates for the D40 and D80 digital SLRs. The D40 update contains a range of new features and fixes including issues with flash exposure and Auto ISO, the D80 update includes fixes for a retouching mode crash and improvements to long exposure NR. These updates can be downloaded and installed by owners.
Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z1050
Casio has today announced two new additions to its popular ultra-slim Exilim Zoom range. We start here with the 10.1-megapixal EX-Z1050, successor to the EX-Z1000. The EX-Z1050 is just a shade smaller and lighter than the EX-Z1000, features a wider aspect 2.6-inch LCD screen and increases sensitivity to ISO 800.
Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z75
The 7.2 million pixel Exilim Zoom EX-Z75 is the second new offering from Casio today. The replacement to the EX-Z70 (announced last June), the EX-Z75 - like the EX-Z1050 above - adds a wide aspect (14:9) 2.6-inch screen, but is otherwise a fairly minor upgrade.
January 29
Samsung i7
The third and final camera from Samsung is the i7, a curious model which appears in specifications to be the same as the i70 except that this model's 3.0" Touch Screen LCD can be rotated through 180 degrees, we presume to enable easier viewing of portrait images. It also adds SVGA MPEG-4 video capture capability and 512 MB of internal memory. It does appear that this model won't be available in North America but should hit European shores from mid-March this year.
Samsung NV11
The second new Samsung today is the NV11, a ten megapixel, five times optical zoom compact digital camera with a 2.7" LCD monitor, MPEG-4 video (VGA) and a highest sensitivity of ISO 1600. The NV11 also features Samsung's Face Recognition technology (this seasons favorite add-on feature). The NV11 is priced at $400 and should be on sale this Spring.
Samsung L74 Wide
The first of three new Samsung cameras today is the L74 Wide. With a 28 mm wide angle lens, seven megapixel CCD, 450 MB of internal memory, MPEG-4 SVGA video recording and a 3.0" Touch Screen LCD it's good to see at least one manufacturer pushing the features envelope (if still with disappointing image quality). The L74 is priced at US$ 350 and should be on sale this Spring.
Hasselblad H3D 31 megapixel
At Photokina last September Hasselblad launched their '48 mm Full-Frame DSLR camera system' the H3D. At the time there were two models, the 22 and 39 megapixels, Hasselblad has now announced a 31 megpixel option; the H3D-31. Unlike the 22 and 39 megapixel cameras the 31 megapixel unit isn't quite "Full-Frame 48mm" as its sensor measures 44x33mm, however it does surpass them in another respect; it uses microlenses to improve fill factor and gain a stop of sensitivity; now up to ISO 800. Unless you win the lottery the H3D-31 is unlikely to be replacing your Digital Rebel as it's priced at US$ 24,995.
Just Posted! Canon SD900 (IXUS 900Ti) Review
Just Posted! A quick review of a camera we've had knocking around for a few months now, Canon's top of the range IXUS/ELPH model, the 10 megapixel, titanium-bodied SD900 (IXUS 900Ti). Now we've finally cleared the backlog before we start looking forward to PMA, we promise this is the last Canon compact review for a little while...
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1.0
After being in beta for some twelve months Adobe has today announced the availability of Photoshop Lightroom 1.0 'Final' at an introductory price of $199 (until April 30; after that $299). This new offloading, browsing, organizing and editing tool promises improved professional workflow for everyone including easy to use pick/reject features and tagging. In addition Lightroom leverages Adobe Camera Raw meaning it can read and display hundreds of Raw formats. Photoshop Lightroom should ship in mid-February.
January 25
Olympus SP-550 UZ: 18x ultra zoom
Today is Olympus day with the announcement of eight new cameras in the FE, Stylus (Mju) and SP ranges. Most interesting is the SP-550 UZ ultrazoom, boasting the world's first 18x (yes 18x) zoom capability. Covering an astounding 28-504mm (equiv.) range it is sure to appeal to travellers seeking a compact camera for all occasions. Also featuring CCD-shift Image Stabilization, a 15fps burst mode (1.2MP) and a 7.1 megapixel sensor, the SP-550 continues a legacy of innovative large-zoom cameras from Olympus.
Olympus Stylus 760
Next up is latest in Olympus's trend-setting Stylus (Mju) range of compact cameras. The Stylus 760 (Mju 760) combines a 3x zoom and 7.1 megapixel resolution with 'Dual Image Stabilization' (CCD shift and ISO boost) and wraps it all up in a slimline weatherproofed metal casing.
Olympus Stylus 770 SW
Today also sees the announcement of the addition to Olympus's range of 'tough' cameras; the Stylus 770 SW (Mju 700 SW). Built to carry on after most photographers have run for shelter, the 770 is waterproof to 10m (33ft), shockproof* enough to withstand a fall of 1.5m (4.9ft) and happy in temperatures as low as -10 C (14 F). If you are in the habit of dropping cinderblocks on your cameras, the news that the 770 will withstand loads of up to 100kg (220lb) will come as a relief.
* according to MIL standards
Olympus FE-250 - boasts ISO 10,000
Next up is a new top-of-the-range addition to the entry-level FE range. The FE-250 boasts an 8MP sensor, 3x zoom and slim metal casing. It's also the first FE model to feature the company's 'Bright Capture' technology (nice name for an old idea; pixel binning to increase ISO). What makes the FE-250 stand out for us though, is that it scales new heights in sensitivity, offering an ISO 10,000 (yes, that's ten thousand) option (at 3MP). Now we may be jumping the gun here, but we suspect there may be some sacrifice in quality involved. Either that or Olympus has - in a £200 compact - re-written the laws of physics.
Olympus FE-240
Just in case you didn't think Olympus already offered you enough choice in the affordable, slim, 7MP category here's another one. The FE-240 is actually pretty nice; 17.6mm thick and boasting a 5x zoom and 2.5-inch LCD for around £180. Thanks to its 1/2.5 inch sensor this one 'only' manages ISO 1000.
Olympus FE-230
7 megapixel compacts seem to be flavour of the month and this little Olympus is no exception. As well as a 3x zoom (38-114mm equivalent) there's ISO 1250 and a simplified operating system packed into the bargain-priced FE-230's 16.5mm thick stainless steel shell.
Olympus FE-210
And finally, yet another 3x zoom, 7.1 megapixel compact from Olympus. This model, the FE-210, places the emphasis on economy and ease of use rather than headline-grabbing features. The 'one button, one function' places commonly used features within easy reach of novice photographers whilst 15 scene modes tune the camera's settings to particular shooting conditions.
January 24
Just Posted! Samsung NV7 OPS review
Just Posted! Our in depth review of the Samsung NV7 OPS - which has taken a lot longer than expected due to faulty cameras and some fairly extensive re-testing to double-check some of our findings. The NV7 OPS is - on paper at least - an exciting product from the increasingly innovative Korean manufacturer, offering 7MP, 7x zoom, image stabilization and a feature list as long as your arm in a surprisingly compact body. And it's very aggressively priced to boot. Find out if the NV7 OPS lives up to its promise after the link...
January 23
Microsoft Photo Info tool
Microsoft has today released a new 'Photo Info' tool designed specifically for digital photographers. After installation this tool provides a new option of 'Photo Info' on the Explorer context menu. The Photo Info dialog enables you to edit both EXIF and IPTC information in compatible image formats as either a single image or a collection. The Photo Info tool works on either Windows XP or Vista and is a free download.
Pentax Optio T30
Pentax introduces a couple of new cameras today, starting here with the T30, successor to the T20. The T30 ups resolution to 7.1 million pixels, ISO sensitivity to 3200 and is 0.5mm slimmer than its predecessor at just 19mm. Still sporting a 3.0-inch screen with touch display control and a 3x zoom but theT30 also throws Face Recognition AF and AE into the mix.
Pentax Optio M30
Next up is the new Optio M30, the replacement for the M20, announced last August. The M30 also ups resolution to 7.1 million pixels and sensitivity to ISO 3200 but is now packed into an ultra-slim 18mm body.
Pentax update K10D firmware to v1.10
Pentax has today released firmware update V 1.10 for their K10D DSLR. Features added and upgraded by this update include wireless flash control, refinements to the ISO and exposure control systems and improvements to long-exposure image quality.