February 13
Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1

PMA 2004: Panasonic leaves it until the second day of PMA to launch its new DMC-LC1 Lumix camera. The 5-megapixel DMC-LC1 has a digital brain but the heart and soul of a finely crafted 35mm camera, right down to its controls. Zoom, focus and aperture are manually controlled by ring settings on the lens; shutter speed is controlled by a dial located on the top of the unit. The new DMC-LC1 incorporates a finely crafted, F2.0 - 2.4 Leica DC VARIO-SUMMICRON lens (13 elements in 10 groups) with zoom capability equivalent to 28 - 90mm on a 35mm camera. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-LC1 is scheduled for March, 2004 delivery. It will have a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1,599.00

Panasonic, Sanyo, and Sigma join  Four Thirds

PMA 2004: Olympus has announced the addition of three more firms to the roster of companies supporting the Four Thirds System standard for digital SLR camera systems. The three firms (in alphabetical order) are: Matsushita (Panasonic), Sanyo, and Sigma. The Four Thirds System standard was announced in September 2002 by Olympus and Kodak, and has been supported since its inception by Fuji.

Casio Exilim Pro EX-P600

PMA 2004: Casio has today announced its first prosumer model for quite a few years, the six megapixel Pro EX-P600. This flagship model has a four times Canon F2.8 - F4.0 optical zoom lens and a six megapixel CCD. The EX-P600 has a wide range of manual controls, a large 2.0" TFT LCD monitor, 9 MB of built-in storage, an SD/MMC slot and is powered by a supplied Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery.

Adobe extends Camera Raw plug-in for CS

PMA 2004: Adobe Systems has today announced a new Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop® CS, extending raw file support to 14 additional digital camera models. Available as a free download from Adobe's Web site, the plug-in builds on the raw file functionality integrated in Photoshop CS, adding new support for digital cameras from leading manufacturers such as, Fujifilm, Kodak, Leaf, Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony. Additionally Adobe will provide Foveon X3F raw file format support in the Photoshop® CS Camera Raw plug-in. Support for X3F raw-format files is expected to be available from Adobe in the third quarter of 2004.

PNY Optima SD and CF cards

PMA 2004: PNY has announced its new Optima SD and CF cards store digital information at blazing, sustained write speeds of up to 5 (33X) and 6 (40X) megabytes per second (MBps), respectively. PNY Technologies high-speed Optima SD cards will be available in 128MB and 256MB storage capacities, while its Optima CF cards will support 128MB to 1GB. All PNY Optima SD and CF cards will be available for purchase in the second quarter of 2004 from distributors and specialty photo dealers in the United States and Europe. Optima SD will carry an MSRP of $89.99 and $119.99, respectively while Optima CF cards will carry MSRP's of $69.99, $89.88, $169.99 and $329.99, respectively.

February 12
Microsoft at PMA

PMA 2004: Signaling its commitment to the digital imaging industry, Microsoft Corp. today will make its first appearance at PMA 2004, the annual convention and trade show of the Photo Marketing Association International, being held in Las Vegas Feb. 12-15. At the show, Microsoft is demonstrating its breadth of digital imaging products and technologies for hardware and software developers, retailers, professional photographers and consumers.

Luminous Parrot Dream in Pictures

PMA 2004: Luminous Parrot Technologies has today introduced its debut product, Dream in Pictures, at PMA 2004. The software is designed to meet the varying needs of digital imaging beginners, hobbyists and enthusiasts. It combines a unique and intuitive interface, the most useful and popular image management and editing capabilities as well as enjoyment features such as a creative slideshow builder, an interactive 3-D art gallery, a fun photo mosaic builder, a challenging picture puzzle game and a screensaver.

Lexar 60x 1GB Secure Digital Cards

PMA 2004: Lexar has today announced that it has doubled its highest capacity Secure Digital (SD) memory card to 1 gigabyte, speed-rated at 60X, which signifies a minimum sustained write speed capability of 9MB per second.. In a form factor roughly the size of a postage stamp, Secure Digital memory cards will now be available from Lexar Media in capacities from 32MB to 1GB. Lexar’s 1GB Secure Digital memory card will be available at consumer electronics stores worldwide this spring, with an estimated retail price of $499.99

Lexar Enhanced Memory Stick

PMA 2004: Lexar has today announced a new line of updated Memory Stick™ products that will have significantly increased read speeds. Available this spring in capacities of 64MB, 128MB and 256MB (total 128MBx2), the enhanced Memory Stick delivers data read speeds that are up to four times faster than current cards, when used with compatible (4-pin parallel), high-speed Memory Stick-enabled devices. The new Memory Stick cards are also compatible with serial interface Memory Stick-enabled products. Lexar’s new Memory Stick will be available with expected retail pricing of $39.99, $59.99 and $99.99 for capacities of 64MB, 128MB and 256MB, respectively.

Lexar 80X Professional CompactFlash

PMA 2004: Lexar has today doubled the minimum sustained write speed capability of its Professional Series CompactFlash™ (CF) product line to 80X, or 12MB per second. With this introduction, Lexar Media is providing the fastest CompactFlash with guaranteed write speeds available. Lexar is offering its 80X Professional Series CompactFlash cards in five different capacities, including 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and 4GB capacities, with expected retail prices of $99.99, $199.99 and $399.99, $699.99 and $1,499.99, respectively. Lexar Media’s new 80X speed-rated Professional Series CompactFlash will be available in photo specialty stores beginning May 2004.

Lexar 8GB CompactFlash

PMA 2004: Lexar has today announced its 8GB Professional Series CompactFlash™ card, the highest capacity memory card available in the world today. In addition to delivering extraordinary capacity in a matchbook-sized memory card, Lexar’s new 8GB CompactFlash card delivers a 40X speed-rating, signifying a minimum sustained write speed capability of 6MB/s. The new 8GB CompactFlash cards will be available at many photo specialty stores in May of this year. Pricing for the 8GB card will be released at time of shipment.

MAGIX Photo Cleaning Lab

PMA 2004: MAGIX has today announced MAGIX Photo Cleaning Lab, the digital camera accessory that repairs, organizes and preserves the thousands of digital images collected by photographers and consumers. Priced at only $49.99, MAGIX Photo Cleaning Lab includes real-time image correction, high-speed photo management, instant album creation, accelerated image explorer, photo printing, CD archiving and a powerful image editor in one easy-to-use program. MAGIX Photo Cleaning Lab for Windows® will be available in late February 2004 through major retailers for $49.99 SRP.

dpreview.com Live from the Show Floor

PMA 2004: We are proud to present our live show report direct from the Show Floor at PMA 2004. We don't use the word Live and not mean it, wirelessly connected across the entire PMA show we are beaming images back to our server using a Nikon D2H + WT-1 wireless transmitter while each stand report follows from an ultra compact notebook. In combination this means that you get to see our stand reports coming in live and experience our tour of the PMA show from the comfort of your web browser! New stand reports appear as soon as text and images are received. Live updates are shown at the top of the front page of the site as well as the introduction page of our PMA report.

Konica Minolta Maxxum 7 Digital

PMA 2004: Konica Minolota today made a development announcement about a new digital version of their Maxxum 7 / Dynax 7 SLR. The Maxxum 7 Digital will have a six megapixel APS sized CCD, will have body integrated anti-shake (just like the DiMAGE A1/A2) which will work with all lenses and will be fully system compatible. This camera should be available in 'Fall 2004'. We, along with a few others had an opportunity to take a few pictures of an early pre-production camera.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE A2, 8 mp, Anti-shake

PMA 2004: Konica Minolta today placed its chips on the eight megapixel roulette table with the DiMAGE A2. Clearly based around the DiMAGE A1 the A2 has the same seven times optical zoom lens and Anti-shake system achieved by moving the CCD rather than a lens element. Other new features include a '3D Auto Focus system' which Konica Minolta claim to be 1.5 times faster than the AF system in the DiMAGE A1, a new high resolution electronic viewfinder and a higher resolution and higher frame rate video mode.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z2

PMA 2004: In the second of three announcements, Konica Minolta have revealed a new version of the slightly odd looking DiMAGE Z1, the four megapixel, ten times optical zoom DiMAGE Z2 (it still looks a bit Buck Rogers to me.) The DiMAGE Z2 squeezes its four megapixels out of a tiny 1/2.5" CCD, has a brand new ten times optical zoom lens (38 - 380 mm equiv.), predictive focus control and streaming SVGA or VGA movies with audio. The only thing I feel this camera lacks is Image Stabilization.

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Xg

PMA 2004: Konica Minolta today announced the DiMAGE Xg, an updated version of the DiMAGE Xt, the Xg has a new lens design,a larger LCD monitor, streaming 30 fps movies, a faster startup time (claimed 0.8 sec, a third of a second faster than the Xt), PictBridge direct printing support and of course wears the new Konica Minolta name and logo. "The DiMAGE Xg packs the popular features that today's consumers are seeking into an inviting take-anywhere design that's already a proven winner.” said Jon Sienkiewicz, vice president of marketing, Konica Minolta's Camera Division.

Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom, plus preview

PMA 2004: Olympus today moved its prosumer 'stake in the ground' onto eight megapixel soil with the new C-8080 Wide Zoom. This camera is curvier and more 'design concious' (in my opinion) than any previous prosumer level Olympus. It has a large five times optical zoom lens coupled to that 2/3" Type eight megapixel sensor. The other thing immediately noticeable about the C-8080 Wide Zoom is its speed, taking under a second to startup with the lens at wide angle. Preview online: We have had a C-8080 Wide Zoom for a hands-on preview.

Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 150 mm F2.0

PMA 2004: Olympus today widened the range of lenses available in its 'E System' by adding the impressive Zuiko Digital ED 150 mm F2.0 lens. On the E-1 digital SLR this lens will provide an equivalent field of view as a 300 mm lens would on a 35 mm film camera, and this with an impressive F2.0 maximum aperture. It's no lightweight though, this lens weighs in at 1.35 KG (3 lb). UPDATE: There was an error in the pricing on this press release, the quoted price is WELL below the expected price, we are awaiting confirmation of pricing from Olympus.

Olympus C-770 Movie, with MPEG-4

PMA 2004: In a 'by popular demand' move Olympus today revealed its very interesting still camera / video camera cross-over product the C-770 Movie. Just like the C-765 UZ the C-770 has a four megapixel CCD sensor and ten times optical zoom lens. Most interesting however is that Olympus has implemented the MPEG-4 video compression codec for movie recording, this means smaller higher quality video files at high resolution and frame rate. The C-770 Movie records VGA (640 x 480) MPEG-4 video at 30 fps at a data rate of approximately 300 KB/sec.

Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom

PMA 2004: Olympus today announced what they claim to be the worlds smallest 10x Zoom digital camera, the new C-765 Ultra Zoom. This camera has a four megapixel CCD sensor and ten times optical zoom lens (38 - 380 mm equiv.). Other features of interest will be the high resolution EVF (electronic viewfinder), live view histogram, a wide range of manual controls and adjustments as well as USB 2.0 connectivity. Expected street price for the C-765 UZ in the US is $499.

Olympus Stylus 410 Digital

PMA 2004: Olympus today announced the Stylus 410 Digital (to be known as the µ[mju] 410 Digital in Europe). The design of this camera reflects the successful and well known Stylus compact film camera range. The 410 Digital has a four megapixel sensor and three times optical zoom lens. Other features include a weatherproof casing, Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery xD-Picture card storage and a 1.5" LCD monitor. Expected street price in the US is $399.

Olympus D-540 / D-580 Zoom

PMA 2004: Olympus today announced two new entry level zoom digital cameras, the three megapixel, three times optical D-540 Zoom (C-310 Zoom in Europe) and the four megapixel, three times optical D-580 Zoom (C-460 Zoom in Europe). With a US street price of $199 and $299 respectively these two cameras are aimed first time buyers and the budget conscious. That's two new Olympus digital cameras down, five to go!

Kodak DCS Pro SLR/n, plus samples

PMA 2004: Kodak Professional today announced the new DCS Pro SLR/n. This digital SLR is based on the 14n but has numerous improvements including a redesigned sensor, a new type of filter over the sensor surface, new analog and digital boards and new software features. The DCS Pro SLR/n has a 35 mm (full frame, 36 x 24 mm) fourteen megapixel CMOS sensor, 512 MB of RAM for a buffer depth of around 19 RAW images and is based around the N80 (F80) camera internals and top. Existing 14n owners will be offered a return-to-Kodak upgrade path to have various components changed to turn their 14n's into a '14nx' (essentially the same as the SLR/n). Exclusive: hands-on and small samples gallery.

HP Photosmart R707

PMA 2004: HP today announced the five megapixel metal fronted Photosmart R707. This new camera from HP looks and feels nothing like previous models, it's clean and classy with modern lines and design touches, a very appealing design. The camera has a five megapixel sensor, three times optical zoom lens and a range of unique in-camera features such as Adaptive Lighting Technology (digital 'dodge & burn' / digital flash) and red-eye removal in playback mode. With a very attractive US street price of $349 the R707 could be one of the dark horses of PMA.

Pentax OptioMX and new Lens for *ist D

PMA 2004: Pentax has today announced the introduction of the first PENTAX Optio(R) digital still/movie camera - the OptioMX. The palm-sized OptioMX features 3.2 megapixels and 10X optical zoom to capture still images and high resolution (VGA) full-motion movies on MPEG-4 format with zoom capability. A second Pentax digital product under development - a wide-angle interchangeable lens for the *ist D digital SLR - also has been announced. The smc PENTAX-DA 14mm F2.8 ED (IF) is extremely compact, measuring 2.7 inches long and 3.3 inches in diameter. Featuring the reliable PENTAX KAF lens mount and high-performance 12-element, 11-group optics, it offers a focal length of 14mm (equivalent to 21.5mm in the 35mm format), and a minimum focusing distance of 0.7 inches.

Pretec 80X Cheetah CompactFlash

PMA 2004: Pretec has today announced the world's highest speed CF card with capacities ranging from 256MB to 6GB. The cards have a sustained read speed of 13MB/s and write speed of 12MB/s, Pretec Cheetah series CF card is the highest speed CF card on earth. If using the speed of 150KB/s as 1X performance benchmark, the write speed of Pretec Cheetah CF card is categorized as 80X. Pretec 80X Cheetah CF card will start sampling this month and delivery by the end of March.

Sony Speeds up Memory Sticks

PMA 2004: Sony has today announced updated versions of its standard Memory Stick range. The new Memory Stick media will start shipping this spring in 32MB, 64MB, 128MB and 256MB (total 128MBx2) capacities. A striking cobalt-blue color will distinguish the new line from its purple predecessor. When used with compatible (4-pin parallel), high-speed Memory Stick media-enabled hardware, users can enjoy read speeds that are up to four times faster than current standard Memory Stick media. Pricing for Sony's new Memory Stick media will be about $30 for 32MB, $40 for 64MB, $60 for 128MB, and $100 for 256MB.

Canon Post 8 EOS-1D Mark II Sample Images

Canon have launched a new web site for their EOS-1D Mark II. On this site are eight full size sample images. All of the images are in JPEG format and weigh in at about 2 MB. Exif information states that they are taken using firmware version 2.9.0 The EOS-1D Mark II is Canon's eagerly awaited sucessor to the groundbreaking EOS-1D.

Nikon Coolpix 4200 and 5200

PMA 2004: Nikon today announced the four and five megapixel compact Coolpix 4200 and 5200. These two metal bodied digital cameras are noticeably thinner than the 2200 and 3200 and have a more stylized design. Both cameras feature a 3x optical zoom lens, are powered by a supplied Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and store images on SD (Secure Digital) media or the built-in 12 MB of flash RAM. These compact cameras weigh in at just 180 g (6.3 oz) ready to shoot. Nikon also announced the WP-CP2 waterproof case which can be used for either camera.

February 11
Sony DSC-W1

Pre-PMA 2004: Sony today announced the new compact 'rangefinder style' five megapixel digital camera, the CyberShot DSC-W1. This camera has a five megapixel sensor and a three times optical zoom (which Sony claim extends in under a second), on the rear is a large 2.5" LCD monitor . The DSC-W1 will be available in both a black and silver body finish and should be in stores (in the US) around May time for $400.

Sony's four new CyberShot digital cameras

Pre-PMA 2004: Sony today revealed four new CyberShot P-series digital cameras. Starting at the lowest priced, entry level DSC-P41 which has a fixed focal length lens and four megapixel sensor, then comes the DSC-P73 and DSC-P93 both of which have three times optical zoom lenses coupled with a four and five megapixel sensor respectively. Lastly is the DSC-P100, a compact three times optical zoom five megapixel digital camera. The biggest news here being that Sony appear to be utilizing the idea of of a standard image processor across the range, for them it's the "Real Imaging Processor".

Leica Digital Solutions for Proven Analog Products

Leica has announced plans to use the proceeds of the sale of convertible bonds to create the financial basis for its innovation and distribution strategy. The emphasis of the development work that is already in progress is on hybrid concepts that combine digital technology with proven analog products.
“Well over one million high-grade Leica lenses for the Leica R- and Leica M systems await a solution for being used optimally in conjunction with digital technology. Our approach to digital cameras for existing lenses conforms to our philosophy of decades-long system compatibility and to our belief that the optics are the decisive elements for outstanding photographs – not the analog or digital path to those photographs”, states chief of technology Ralf Coenen.

SanDisk Switchable 4GB CompactFlash

Pre-PMA 2004: SanDisk has today introduced the first 4GB CompactFlash card that can be used in any CompactFlash digital camera or device. The 4GB SanDisk CompactFlash card features a features a three-position switch that allows it to operate in cameras that use either FAT16 or FAT32, it can switch between either a single 4GB (FAT32) volume or two separate 2GB (FAT16) volumes. It is the only CompactFlash card of its capacity and compatibility level that is available in the popular Type I format and fits into any CompactFlash slot.

SanDisk Shoot & Store cards

Pre-PMA 2004: SanDisk has today announced a new line of inexpensive flash memory cards designed to allow users to save their pictures indefinitely without using a computer for downloading, thus giving millions of consumers a major incentive to switch from film to digital photography and providing them with a durable, permanent way to store a lifetime of images. With an initial suggested retail price of $14.99 each-a breakthrough in the industry-the Shoot & Store™ cards are expected to allow people to order prints on a "cost-of-use" basis that is equal to or less than that of traditional analog film. And they won't have to worry about leaving expensive flash memory cards with retail photo finishers.

SanDisk Expands Memory Stick Range

Pre-PMA 2004: SanDisk has today announced the addition of the 128MB Memory Stick® PRO™, and 128MB Memory Stick PRO Duo cards to its product line. SanDisk now offers the industry's broadest range of Memory Stick PRO and PRO Duo cards with capacities that range from 128MB to 2GB and 128MB to 512MB respectively. Memory Stick PRO cards are expected to be available this month with list prices from $59.99 to $999.99. Memory Stick PRO Duo cards are expected to be available Q2 2004 at a list price of $64.99 and $224.99 for the 128MB and 512MB capacities respectively.

More Canon Pro1 hands-on

PMA 2004 Live: We've just returned from our first press event of PMA, the Canon UK Press Briefing. Here we heard more about the more than ten new digital photography products introduced by Canon at PMA. It was also our second opportunity to get our hands on some of the new digital cameras, of most interest to our readers will be the eight megapixel PowerShot Pro1. What we've seen so far has impressed us, the camera feels smaller and better ergonomically than the G5, my only complaint would be that the USM zoom doesn't feel as immediate or responsive as the Sony DSC-F828's mechanically linked zoom mechanism.

SanDisk 1GB Extreme and Ultra II Memory Stick PRO

Pre-PMA 2004: SanDisk has today introduced the SanDisk Extreme and SanDisk Ultra II versions of Memory Stick PRO, a new line of premium, high-performance digital film cards targeted at advanced and professional photographers. Similar to the Extreme and Ultra II CompactFlash and SD product families introduced earlier by SanDisk, the two new Memory Stick PRO cards deliver a minimum write speed of 9 megabytes (MB) per second and minimum read speed of 10MB a second, making them the fastest Memory Stick PRO cards in the world. The cards, which will start shipping at the end of this month, 256MB to 1GB and priced from $119.99 to $679.99

SanDisk 2GB Extreme and Ultra II CF cards

Pre-PMA 2004: SanDisk has today introduced the 2 gigabyte (GB) SanDisk Extreme™ and SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash® cards, the largest capacities available for its comprehensive line of high-performance CompactFlash cards for digital photographers. SanDisk Extreme and SanDisk Ultra II cards are targeted primarily at the professional digital camera and 'prosumer' market where 4 megapixel or higher resolution digital cameras require significantly faster digital film cards. Each card features a minimum write speed of 9 megabytes per second (MB/sec.) and a minimum read speed of 10MB/sec.

February 10
ColorVision SpyderPRO and PrintFIX bundle

Pre-PMA 2004: ColorVision has today announced up to 30% reductions and better on the award winning, state-of-the-art color management systems. The introduction of the SpyderPRO+PrintFIX(TM) bundle, a $578 retail value offered at $449 meets the industry demand for an affordable integrated hardware/ software solution from monitor calibration to printer profiling. "Spyder(TM) product suites are cost-efficient, intuitive add-ons that color correct monitors and printers, saving time, ink and paper, creating great looking out-put," remarks ColorVision's Vice President, Brian Levey.

Delkin Expands Battery and Card Reader line

Pre-PMA 2004: Delkin has announced an expanded line of digital camera and camcorder batteries. Among the products is the eFilm RCR-V3 digital camera battery. Many of today’s digital cameras are powered by two or four AA batteries, or in their place one or two of the popular CR-V3 batteries. Delkin’s RCR-V3 provides a rechargeable alternative in a Lithium Ion battery. Delkin’s broad line of memory card reader/writers was expanded with the introduction of the new USB 2.0 Reader-29, the only device on the market that will read and write to Secure Digital, Mini Secure Digital, MultiMedia and Reduced Sized Multimedia without the need for an adapter.

Delkin Expands eFilm PRO Card line

Pre-PMA 2004: Delkin has announced new additions to its high-speed eFilm PRO Card line. Initial eFilm SD PRO Card capacities will be 256MB and 512MB (with SD PRO 1GB coming in Q2) and are expected to be among the fastest Secure Digital memory cards on the market. Transfer rate speeds up to 10 MB/s can be achieved. Delkin is also increasing the storage capacities to their eFilm CompactFlash (CF) PRO Cards for high-end SLR digital cameras. High-capacities of 1 and 2 Gigabytes (GB) now join the existing PRO Card line up. The MSRP for the SD PRO 512MB is $ 299.00, with the 256MB at $ 129.00. MSRP for the CF 2GB is $ 649.99 and 1GB at $ 339.00

February 9
SimpleTech 8 GB Type II CompactFlash

Pre-PMA 2004: SimpleTech has today announced the industry's highest capacity CompactFlash with an 8 GB Type II card using the Company's patented stacking technology. The Company also announced 2, 4 and 5 GB Type I cards and a significant increase to the write speed of its entire ProX line of CompactFlash cards. Samples of the new ProX CompactFlash Type I cards in 2, 4 and 5 GB capacities and the 8 GB type II cards are expected to ship during the first quarter of 2004, with production anticipated during the second quarter of 2004.

Polaroid x530 with Foveon X3 sensor

Pre-PMA 2004: Foveon today announced that Polaroid's new x530 digital camera will use a 1/1.8" size X3 Direct Image Sensor. The x530 will have a three times optical zoom lens and is designed around a typical point-and-shoot digital camera body, similar to the Canon A70. The sensor used is Foveon's 'X3 5M' Direct Image CMOS Sensor (three layers of 1.5 million pixels each) which is the industry standard 1/1.8" Type size (7.1 x 5.3 mm effective). In a big step forward for Foveon the x530 can now produce JPEG images in-camera. Exclusive: We have some images of a design model of the x530.

Canon PowerShot Pro1, plus hands-on

Pre-PMA 2004: Canon has today revealed its submission to the eight megapixel race, the PowerShot Pro1. The Pro1 has a unique lens, it's the first time Canon has placed it's professional "L-series" label on the fixed lens of a digital camera. The 28 - 200 mm equiv. (7x) lens has a maximum aperture of F2.4 to F3.5 features a USM (ultrasonic motor) for zoom. Canon are satisfied classifying this lens with the "L-series" label because it incorporates both UD (ultra-low dispersion) and fluorite lens elements. The Pro1 has an eight megapixel CCD sensor, 2.0" fliip-out LCD monitor (235,000 pixels) and electronic viewfinder (also 235,000 pixels). The Pro1 will be priced at $999 in the US and €1199 in Europe. Exclusive: We have a hands-on preview of the Pro1 online.

Canon PowerShot S1 IS, plus hands-on

Pre-PMA 2004: Canon today announced its foray into the 3 megapixel 10x zoom market, the PowerShot S1 IS. This new digital camera has an Image Stabilsed ten times optical zoom lens (38 - 380 mm equiv., F2.8 - F3.1) and a 3 megapixel CCD sensor. Interestingly the lens zoom is driven by a small USM (ultrasonic motor) similar to those found in Canon SLR lenses, the motor has multiple speeds and even a slow silent mode specifically designed for shooting movies. Control wise the S1 IS adds add dedicate movie record button and a customizable shortcut button. The S1 IS will be priced at $499 in the US and €599 in Europe. Exclusive: We have a hands-on preview of the S1 IS online.

Canon PowerShot S430, S500, SD110

Pre-PMA 2004: Canon today announced three new ultra compact digital cameras. The four and five megapixel PowerShot S410 (IXUS 430) and S500 (IXUS 500) are based on the soft edged S400 (IXUS 400), both have bodies made from same unique 'Celabrite' material which is a mix of metal and ceramic. The PowerShot SD110 (IXUS IIs) is a follow-up to the PowerShot SD100 (IXUS II). These new models also take the total number of IXUS models to 30 since 1996.

Canon PowerShot A75

Pre-PMA 2004: Canon today revealed the successor to the entry level zoom A70 with the A75. The A75 has the new direct print button, an orientation sensor, is powered by four AA batteries and takes Compact Flash media. Just like the A70 the A75 has a three times optical zoom lens and three megapixel CCD sensor. This camera is aimed at the entry level user who is looking for something slightly more advanced than the A310. The A75 will be priced at $299 in the US and €329 in Europe.

Canon PowerShot A310

Pre-PMA 2004: In the first of seven new product announcements today Canon has revealed the successor to the PowerShot A300. Like all of the new cameras announced today the A310 has full PictBridge support and a new dedicated direct print button on the rear of the camera which will trigger the printing of the currently displayed image to an attached printer. The A310 has a three megapixel CCD sensor, a fixed lens, a sliding front cover which doubles as a power switch, is powered by two AA batteries and takes Compact Flash media. The A310 will be priced at $199 in the US and €199 in Europe.

ImageWare PDI Studio v2.0

Pre-PMA 2004: ImageWare Systems has today announced that it will debut the latest version of PDI Studio at Professional Marketing Association (PMA) 2004. As part of ImageWare's Professional Digital Imaging (PDI) product line, PDI Studio is a complete studio management software solution that provides professional photographers with comprehensive digital workflow capabilities, eliminating the need for additional workflow or invoicing software. "PDI Studio provides professional photographers with a simple, continuous customer and image management workflow solution from scheduling to production and billing," said Paul Devermann, SVP and general manager of ImageWare's PDI Group.