September 13
Ricoh GR Digital
Ricoh has finally announced the 8 million-pixel GR Digital that echoes the styling of the popular 35mm analogue GR series, which was popular with professionals and enthusiasts. The GR Digital is said to inherit the 'superb image quality' from its analog brother and Ricoh engineers have managed to incorporate a fixed F2.4 focal length for the newly-developed GR 28mm wideangle lens. There is a 2.5-inch LCD and Ricoh didn't make a viewfinder as standard but instead offers an externally attached optional viewfinder. RAW capture is also possible and Ricoh has decided to adopt the DNG format for these files. The Ricoh GR will be available in October priced £399.99 (€593).
September 12
Sony DSC-R1 preview update, samples and more
We've just posted an update to our preview of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1. This update includes preliminary tests of ISO noise and resolution as well as a twenty-four image samples gallery. Please note that this update was prepared using a pre-production DSC-R1 and that results from the final camera may differ significantly.
Samsung Electronics is planning to produce a new memory chip that will double the storage capacity of digital cameras, reports Reuters. It is expected that Samsung, which holds a 60% share of the NAND flash memory market, will launch a 16-gigabit chip late next year. NAND flash memory chips are built into memory cards or USB memory products.
September 10
Canon launch CMOS sensor technology site
Canon has launched a site promoting its CMOS sensor technology. This site is broken into four sections; Image capture, Technology, Full-frame appeal and Shooting options. It's an interesting insight into why Canon believes it has the edge in sensor technology and also exactly what goes on inside the sensor at the time of capture.
September 9
ACDSee 8 Photo Manager
ACD Systems has announced version 8 of its photo management software ACDSee. New features include a Quick Search bar, Photo Repair Tool, full IPTC metadata support, photo captioning and the ability to create VCD slideshows. IPTC metadata support allows photographers to add or edit caption, keyword, category and credit fields and the Photo Repair function will allow you to remove flares, lens scratches and fix red-eye. ACDSee 8 is available for $49.99 (approx. €40) or $39.99 (approx. €32) as an upgrade from ACDSee 7.
Corel announces Paint Shop Pro X
Corel has today announced a new version of Paint Shop Pro, the first since its acquisition of Jasc in October 2004. Image editing suite Paint Shop Pro X and image mangement program Corel Photo Album 6, also launched today, will be the first silmutaneous worldwide shipment in the product line's history. PSP has a revamped user interface featuring a new, and integrated Learning Center and Browser palette. Photo Album allows you to download, organize, edit, share, and protect photos and a 'zero click download' means that your images are automatically downloaded, rotated and saved (when preferences have been set once). Corel Paint Shop Pro X including Corel Photo Album 6 – Standard Edition, will be available for $129. The Deluxe edition of Photo Album 6 is available for purchase separately priced $49.
Casio posts EX-S500 firmware v1.02
Casio has announced another firmware update for its Exilim EX-S500, a month after the last one. Version 1.02 fixes just one bug, which sometimes made it impossible to achieve the desired results at shutter speeds lower than one second. The super slim camera is just 13.7mm wide and boasts a 3x optical lens and 5.3 MP CCD.
September 8
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 with APS-C size CMOS
Sony has today announced the groundbreaking Cyber-shot DSC-R1, this camera is unique in that it features an APS-C size 10.8 million pixel CMOS sensor coupled with a non-removable 24-120 mm equivelant lens. The R1's APS-C size sensor is also unique in providing full-time live view video for the camera's EVF (electronic viewfinder) and LCD monitor. This means that the R1 can do away with the mirror box and prism arrangement of a a traditional digital SLR and hence have a more compact integrated lens / body design. The Cyber-shot DSC-R1 will be priced at $999 when it goes on sale. We have an exclusive hands-on preview available.
September 7
Ricoh Caplio R3
Ricoh has today announced a wide angle slimline 5.1 megapixel camera that also boasts a 7.1x optical zoom. The Ricoh Caplio R3 has a 28 - 200 mm 'double retracting' lens, which means it protrudes from the body when switched off, allowing the actual body to measure just 26mm in width. Other features of note include a vibration reduction function which moves the CCD in the opposite direction to counterbalance camera shake, 1cm macro mode and skew correction function which automatically detects trapezoids in images and corrects them as if they were shot from the front.
Konica Minolta to liquidate Canadian unit
Konica Minolta has decided to liquidate a wholly-owned Canadian unit that sells digital cameras because of stiffer competition. The Japanese company says the closure will not affect its forecast for the financial year end in March 2006. The Canadian unit is valued at around CA$5.66m (US$4.76m). Konica Minolta said that it will seek partners who can distribute its cameras in Canada.
China sales to double by 2007
Japan Canon Inc says that it plans to more than double annual sales in China to $1 billion by 2007, following government approval last year allowing Canon to sell directly into the country, according to a report in the China Daily. Purchasing power in China is rapidly increasing and around 2.6 million units were sold last year, a year-on-year increase of 85.3%. China currently accounts for a quarter of Canon's sales in Asia, excluding Japan and Korea and last year amounted to $460 million.
September 6
Adobe and Nikon, friends again
Following news earlier in the year that Nikon was trying to lock out third party RAW file converters, including Adobe, the two companies have now decided to work together for the common good. Adobe has announced that it is 'committed to working with Nikon to ensure that our common customers have an excellent experience when using Nikon cameras with Adobe software.' And Nikon, for its part, says it 'intends to co-operate with Adobe and other industry members in order to pursue its objective of providing images with better quality, convenience and usefulness to end users.'
September 5
Nikon posts Coolpix 7900 and 5900 firmware v1.2
Nikon has posted a firmware update for its Coolpix 7900 and 5900 compact cameras. Version 1.2, for both Windows and Mac, corrects an error that led to pictures taking a considerable amount of time to record when the option for date imprint was set to 'Off'. An error in the Korean menu plus text errors in Spanish, French and Italian menus has also been corrected.
September 1
Nikon Coolpix P1 & P2, with WiFi
In a first for compact digital cameras Nikon has today announced two models which feature built-in WiFi communication. The Coolpix P1 and P2 (eight and five megapixels respectively) have a built-in 802.11b/g WiFi module which enables them to communicate directly with the new version of PictureProject. This wireless connection can be used to transfer all images on the cameras storage card or in a 'live' situation where each image is sent back to PictureProject on the fly. The only limitation at the moment appears to be that the P1 and P2 will only send to PictureProject and not to standard FTP servers or across the Internet. Both cameras will be available at the end of the month priced €429 (P1) and €329 (P2).
Nikon Coolpix S4
Nikon has today announced its first swivel lens cameras since the Coolpix SQ in February 2003, in the shape of the Coolpix S4 which is reminiscent of the legendary E9xx series. Looking slightly more stylish in silver than its ancestors, the six million-pixel S4 boasts a 10x optical Zoom-Nikkor lens as well as the D-Lighting function, a 2.5-inch LCD, in-camera red-eye removal and face-priority AF. Other features of note include AE-BSS, which selects the best relative exposure from a series of shots, plus a 4cm macro mode. The Coolpix S4 will be available at the end of this month priced €399.
Nikon Coolpix L1
Nikon has today announced a chunky looking beast in the shape of the Coolpix L1. The 'versatile' L1 boasts 6.2 effective megapixels and forfeits a viewfinder for a large 2.5-inch LCD screen. Other Nikon functions include in-camera red-eye removal, D-Lighting which can compensate for badly lit images and Face-priority AF. The L1 boasts a 5x optical zoom lens and also has a HELP button which displays explanations for functions on the main menu. The Coolpix L1 is available at the end of the month priced €299.
Nikon Coolpix S3
Nikon has today announced the latest in its S series of ultra-compact digital cameras. The new Coolpix S3 appears to be identical to the S2 apart from the increase in resolution, this camera now sports a six megapixel 1/2.5" CCD sensor. The S3 will be available in a range of colors; white, matt black and silver, priced at €359 and available at the end of this month.
August 31
Pentax Optio WPi
If you're looking for a camera that can withstand the elements then the second incarnation of Pentax's waterproof camera might be worth a look. The six megapixel WPi ('i' for improved maybe?) can withstand submersion to a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes (JIS class 8) and is also dust proof (class 5). It also offers a Recovery function for retrieving accidentally deleted images - as long as you don't overwrite the data or turn the camera off. Other features include a 2-inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, in-camera movie editing and a 1cm macro mode. The Pentax Optio WPi is available this month and will be priced £269.99 (approx €394).
Pentax Optio S6
Pentax has today announced a new addition to the S series with the six megapixel Optio S6. The aluminum alloy-bodied compact is even slimmer than its siblings at just 19 mm wide and sports a 2.5-inch Beau-Reflective monitor, which means it can be viewed outdoors in bright light. It also offers simultaneous display of mode icons, a 640x480-pixel movie function with anti-shake (although the format DivX MPEG-4 is not supported by Macs) plus tracking AF. It is available this month.
Just posted! Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7 review
Just posted! Our review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W7. Announced at the beginning of the year, the seven megapixel W7 is part of the second generation of Sony's 'traditionally-styled' compacts designed to appeal to the first-time user moving from a film camera to digital. It builds on the success of the W1, which was something of a surprise hit last year. But does the W7 have what it takes to compete in the increasingly crowded 7 megapixel compact market?
August 29
Olympus SP-350 & SP-310
Olympus has added two more cameras to go with the SP-500 ultra-zoom model; the SP-350 and SP-310. The near identical cameras offer 8.0 and 7.1 million pixels respectively, full manual control, 2.5-inch LCD (and viewfinder) plus RAW image capture. The black-bodied SP-350 offers slightly different sensitivity to the SP-310 and additionally has a hotshoe for attaching an external flash. A histogram is available in shooting and playback modes on both models. The SP-350 and SP-310 will be available in October priced $399.99 (£310) (SP-350) and $349.99 (£270).
Olympus SP-500 Ultra-Zoom
Olympus has today announced a new range in its lineup with the six megapixel, 10x zoom SP-500 Ultra-Zoom. The solid looking camera offers full manual control as well as RAW capture, an electronic viewfinder, 21 scene modes and 143-area AF. It also borrows the predictive AF function found on the C-7070 WZ, which predicts the location of a moving subject at the moment the shutter closes. It also boasts a 2.5-inch LCD and 3cm macro mode. The SP-500 Ultra-Zoom will be available from October priced $399.99 (£300).
Olympus Stylus 600
Olympus has today announced the six megapixel Stylus 600 with BrightCapture technology, which enables photographers to frame live pictures more easily in low light conditions as the monitor offers three times the contrast of normal LCDs. The Stylus 600 is one of Olympus's weatherproof models and is available in range of colors to match your outfit - navy blue, ruby red or arctic silver. It also boasts a real time histogram plus special editing functions such as red-eye-fix, adjust brightness and insert frame and/or title. The Stylus 600 will be available from late September at a price around $299.99 (£220).
Olympus FE-120
Olympus has announced a third camera into the FE range. The FE-120 is a six megapixel beginner camera that is easy to use and offer 16 scene modes, a 1.8-inch LCD screen, 2 cm macro mode for super close ups and movie function. Images are recorded on to Olympus's proprietary xD-Picure Card and powered by two AA batteries. The Olympus FE-120 will be priced $249.99 (€203).
Olympus FE-100 and FE-110
If you're looking for something simple and easy to use then consider Olympus's new additions to the FE range. The five megapixel FE-110 and the four megapixel FE-100 (pictured) are 'ideal starter cameras' and each button delivers one function and doesn't open up a whole host of menu options to confuse the uninitiated. They also feature the obligatory movie mode, macro function and have a 1.5-inch LCD screen. The Olympus FE-100 is priced around $149.99 (£120) and will be available in September and the FE-110 is priced around $199.99 (£150) and will be available in October.
August 26
Just posted! Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9 review
Just posted! Our review of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX9. Following on from the FX7, which was one of the best-selling cameras of last year, Panasonic launched the 5.4 million-pixel FX8 and two months later, the 6.4 million-pixel FX9. The FX8 was a fairly disappointing upgrade which did little but address the appalling battery life of the original. As well as incorporating the improvements in the FX8, the FX9 increases the pixel count, improves the screen and adds a couple of new scene modes. Check our our concise review and see how it fared.
August 25
Canon EOS 5D Hands-on preview with samples
Just posted! Our detailed hands-on preview of Canon's new EOS 5D digital SLR. This new model is designed to slot in between the EOS 20D and the EOS-1D series of digital SLR's, it provides high resolution and full-frame at a lower price point and in a lighter and smaller body. We have now put together a detailed hands-on preview of the EOS 5D including a full samples gallery, images are from a pre-production EOS 5D and a production quality EF 24 - 105 mm F4L IS lens.
August 24
Hasselblad launches four new products

Medium format specialist Hasselblad has announced two new cameras and two digital backs based on a new digital platform that build on the success of the H1. The flagship H2 cross-platform and H2D fully integrated digital cameras and offer improved mobility, quality and workflow. They feature a highly advanced image approval and selection tool which provides a swift and easy way to select and classify images. New products in the Ixpress digital back line are the Ixpress CF and Ixpress CFH. All products will become available in the third quarter.

August 23
Nikon Capture v4.3.1
Nikon has today posted a software update for its image management program which offers some impressive performance improvements. Nikon Capture version 4.3.1 realizes faster processing and handling of image data for compatible MS Windows and Mac OS computers and supports Mac OS X 10.4. Faster processing now occurs when optimizing RAW (NEF) files, more efficient memory use for image data processing and the program for creating histograms has been improved.
Pentax OptioS60
Pentax has today announced a new addition to its Optio range of cameras with the six megapixel S60. The aluminum alloy-bodied camera offers a 3x optical zoom range (35 - 106mm), movie mode, 12 picture modes and an Auto Select mode for the inexperienced user. One feature not usually found on a compact camera is customization of the four-way controller buttons; frequently used functions can be assigned to the left and right positions as shortcuts. It also has a large 2.5-inch LCD and 6cm macro mode.
HP Photosmart E317
HP has announced a five megapixel entry-level camera for just €129 ($157). The sliding lens camera offers a 1.5" LCD and its one and only connection is USB, there's no AV out for viewing on the television. Other features of this starter camera include five subject modes, QVGA movies with sound, PictBridge capability and, well, that's pretty much it. The Photosmart E317 will be available from September 1.
August 22
Canon EOS 5D, full-frame 12.8 megapixel
The biggest surprise of the day (not) will be Canon's much-leaked EOS 5D. Yes, the specifications floating around for the last two weeks were accurate, this camera slots in above the EOS 20D but below the EOS-1D series with its full-frame (35 mm negative size) 12.8 megapixel CMOS sensor. Other key specifications; 3.0 fps continuous shooting, spot metering, custom settings mode, Picture Style parameters, 2.5" wide viewing angle LCD monitor, marginally larger than the EOS 20D, USB 2.0 High-speed, compatible with WFT-E1 wireless transmitter. The EOS 5D is certainly unique and will no doubt be of great interest to a great variety of photographers. The EOS 5D will be available in October priced at $3299 (US) / €3459 (EU). We have a detailed preview of the EOS 5D now available.
Canon EOS-1D Mark II N
Canon has today announced the successor to the EOS-1D Mark II, this updated camera carries the N suffix to indicate its moderate range of updates. The EOS-1D Mark II N has the same 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, the same DIGIC II image processor and 8.5 fps shooting speed. The primary changes are a new 2.5" wide viewing angle LCD monitor, improved buffering characteristics, new 'Picture Style' image parameters and the ability to write different formats simultaneously to SD and CF cards. The EOS-1D Mark II N is priced at $3999 and will be available in September.
Canon EF 24 - 105 mm F4.0L and 70 - 300 mm
Canon has today announced two new EF lenses; the 24 - 105 mm F4.0L IS USM and the 70 - 300 mm F4.0 - F5.6 IS USM. Of these two lenses the former will perhaps be the most interesting, promising a high quality wide zoom range in a relatively lightweight package and image stabilization it clearly lends it self to be the perfect partner lens for the new EOS 5D. Indeed in their press release Canon state that this new lens 'offers a lightweight alternative to the renowned EF 24-70 mm F2.8L USM'.
Canon Speedlite 430EX flash
Canon has today announced a new 'digital compatible' flash, the Speedlite 430EX. This new flash unit is clearly aimed at buyers of the EOS 5D digital SLR which doesn't have a built-in flash unit. Compared to the 420EX which it replaces the 430EX has an increased guide number (range) and is approximately 40% faster at recycling. When attached to a camera with a smaller than full-frame sensor it detects this and adjusts its angle of coverage.
Canon PowerShot S80
Just over a year since the PowerShot S70 Canon has revealed its replacement, the new S80, an eight megapixel compact camera with a wide range of manual controls and prosumer appeal. The S80 is smaller and lighter than the S70 yet it packs a much larger (2.5") wide viewing angle LCD monitor, a control wheel / 4-way controller, XGA video capture (15 fps), USB 2.0 High-speed and SD/MMC storage. Some may however be a little disappointed to hear that RAW capture has been dropped. The S80 should cost around $549 when it hits the stores.
Canon PowerShot SD450 & SD550
Two more additions to the Canon ultra-compact line are the new five megapixel SD450 (IXUS 55) and seven megapixel SD550 (IXUS 750). Both cameras feature a new wide viewing angle 2.5" LCD monitor, DIGIC II image processor, Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries and SD card storage. They also have a surprisingly useful new feature which rotates the image in display mode depending on which orientation you are holding the camera. These models will be priced at $399 and $499 respectively.
Canon PowerShot SD30 / IXUS i Zoom
The PowerShot SD30 / IXUS i Zoom is an continuation of the ultra-compact line of Canon digital cameras. The main difference compared to the SD20 apart from styling is the fact that this is the first SDxx series to feature a zoom lens, a 2.4x (38 - 90 mm equiv.) unit. The SD30 / IXUS i Zoom will be available in three colors; black, gold, red and purple ('ultra-violet'). When it hits the shelves the SD30 should cost $399. (Known as the IXY Digital L3 in Japan.)
Canon PowerShot A610 & A620
Canon has today introduced two new A series digital cameras, the five megapixel A610 and seven megapixel A620 actually replace the A95 and offer a pretty impressive range of features at an affordable price. Both feature a new 4x optical zoom lens which is based on the design of the lens found in the G6, they both also feature flip-out and twist 2.0" LCD monitors, VGA 30 fps video and USB 2.0 Hi-speed. These models will be priced at $299 and $399 respectively.
Canon PowerShot A410
The first of no less than nine new Canon digital cameras announced today is the entry level PowerShot A410. Clear successor to the A400 the A410 now joins the rest of the new PowerShot line in having Canon's DIGIC II processor it also features a longer zoom reach (3.2x vs. 2.2x), a smaller case and five point AF. Just like the A400 the A410 uses SD card for storage, has a 1.5" LCD monitor and is powered by two AA batteries. Price should be around $150.
August 21
Pentax *ist DS2
It's early morning in Tokyo where Pentax has just announced the new *ist DS2, a subtly updated *ist DS. The only differences we could establish between the *ist DS and the DS2 are a larger LCD monitor (now 2.5" 210,000 pixels), this kind of 'upgrade' seems to becoming a trend. Interestingly it appears that this camera will not be available in Europe but should be available elsewhere in the world.
August 19
Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6
Konica Minolta has today announced its latest Z series digital camera, the new DiMAGE Z6. The Z6 follows on from the Z5, it features a six megapixel CCD sensor (on Konica Minolta's unique Anti-Shake platform), twelve times optical zoom lens and a two inch LCD monitor. Other than a slight increase to six megapixels the Z6 also features improved battery life. This expands the choice in the ever growing compact-long-zoom segment of the market, buyers can now choose from five, six or eight megapixel, twelve times optical zoom digital cameras all with image stabilization. The Z6 should be available in mid-September with a street price of around $399.
Konica Minolta AF 35 mm F1.4G (D) lens
Konica Minolta has today announced the development of a new prime lens; the AF 35 mm F1.4G (D). Despite being announced today this lens won't be released until 'Spring 2006' which we read to mean sometime after PMA. Note that this lens is the sucessor to the current AF 35 mm F1.4G. On a Maxxum 5D / 7D digital SLR this lens would produce an equivelant field of view of a 52.5 mm lens on a 35 mm film camera. Konica Minolta also note that this lens can still be used on 35 mm film SLR cameras.
August 12

Bibble Labs has announced version 4.3 of its RAW workflow software, which now adds support for Nikon's newest DSLRs, the D70s and the D50, as well as Epson's R-D1 digital rangefinder camera. Other new features include an arbitrary rotation tool, plug-in interface, a plug-in to remove lens distortion plus new EXIF Makernotes and faster RAW file processing. Bibble 4.3 is a free update to all owners of any prior version of Bibble 4.

August 11
Just posted! Canon SD400 review
Just posted! The Canon PowerShot SD400 Digital ELPH (also known as the Ixus 50 and Ixy Digital 55) is essentially a 5MP version of the popular SD300, with a couple of new features and a higher resolution sensor. This one's been sitting around the dpreview office since its launch back in February, during which time it seems to have become as popular as its predecessor. So is the extra megapixel worth the extra money? Read the full review after the click to find out!
Sanyo to open plant in Vietnam

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sanyo Group is to open a $13m digital camera plant in Vietnam's Bien Hoa I Industrial Zone in the southern Dong Nai Province, reports VietNamNet. The factory will be capable of producing 100,000 units a month, which will all be for export, and has been chosen as a 'strategic investment site'. The plant is due to open on September 13.

August 9
Canon posts EOS 20D firmware v2.0.2
Canon has today posted firmware version 2.0.2 for the EOS 20D, which fixes a bug that occurred when using the EOS Capture application. The 8 megapixel camera, announced a year ago this month, experienced problems that prevented EOS Capture from operating correctly when shooting using the RAW+JPEG setting. The problem only occurred in version 2.0.0 of the firmware.
August 8
Nikon profit soars

Among the doom and gloom stories of the last few months, today we get some good news from Nikon that its first quarter profit has soared, Yahoo! News reports. Following several manufacturers reporting profit losses and job cuts, the world's second largest DSLR manufacturer announced an operating profit of ¥13.94 bn ($124.8 m), over four times the ¥3.13bn profit it made in the same period last year. Nikon attributes its success to a shift in focus to the digital SLR market as the low end of the market has become increasingly competitive and often non profitable.

Dixons to stop selling film cameras

UK high street retailer Dixons has announced today that it plans to stop selling 35mm cameras, following the huge surge in popularity of their digital equivalents. Dixons reports that sales of digital cameras are now outstripping sales of 35mm cameras by 15 to 1 and it says that it will not stock any more 35mm cameras once the current stock runs out. The company says film is now an 'increasingly niche market' and Bryan Magrath, marketing director at Dixons, says that "digital cameras are now the rule, rather than the exception".

August 4
Casio Exilim EX-Z10, EX-Z110, EX-Z120
Casio has today announced three new cameras into its Exilim line up that are designed to be 'user-friendly, fun and convenient'. The 7.2 megapixel EX-Z120 (pictured), 6.0 megapixel EX-Z110 and 5.0 megapixel black EX-Z10. The all feature the Exilim Engine with Anti Shake DSP, plus High Sensitivity modes. Other features include full manual control, 2-inch LCD, 10cm (Z120 only), 640 x 480-pixel movie mode and 6cm macro facility. The Casio EXILIM Zoom EX-Z110 will be available next month, while the Casio EXILIM Zoom EX-Z10 and EX-Z120 will be available in October. No price has been set for any of the new models.